Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada



In 2020, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy celebrates its 75th anniversary. Here we take you down memory lane with some historical facts about the Foundation and pharmacy throughout the years.


Here is an early, hand-written draft of the Foundation's first prospectus. The finalized document was used to engage pharmacy leaders to support the creation of the "Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy" (now CFP) some 75 years ago.


By 1947, two years after its creation, the Foundation had already provided the following for "pharmacists in training":

  • $3,575 in interest-free loans
  • $4,600 in undergraduate awards
  • $1,200 in graduate assistance
  • $5,500 in teaching fellowships
  • $1,500 in research grants

In today's dollars this would be the equivalent of $224,450! 



When the Foundation first started in 1945, it was comprised of 24 all-male officers, directors and committee members. Leading the organization was John Kennedy, president of the United Drug Company. Today’s board has 16 members, half of whom are women.