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Celebrating a Pillar of Pharmacy

2017 Pillar of Pharmacy winner Marshall Moleschi at the Vancouver Gala.

NOVEMBER 2017 - This year’s Pillar of Pharmacy Award winner, Marshall Moleschi, was honored by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy for more than 40 years of commitment to the profession of pharmacy.

At a gala in Toronto and then again in his native Vancouver in November, Moleschi was lauded by colleagues and friends for his encouragement of pharmacists and ongoing support of initiatives—such as telepharmacy and tech regulation—to push the profession forward. “You are indeed a pillar of this profession,” said CFP’s Vice-President David Windross.

Susan James, Director of Quality at the Ontario College of Pharmacists (where Moleschi served as registrar from 2011-2016), said he had the incredible knack of making everyone feel valued. “He had the determination to achieve what he saw and the patience to let ideas percolate until others came to the same goal,” she said. “He had a major impact and we appreciate all he did in Ontario.”

MPP Jeff Yurek noted that Moleschi “steered the pharmacy profession in the right direction at the right time and gave pharmacists the courage to make expanded scope changes.” 

In accepting the award, Moleschi spoke to the many people who shared his vision throughout the years. “There have been a lot of changes to the pharmacy framework and I think the future has never been brighter,” he said. “Pharmacists can really make a difference as medication experts.”

In 2016 Moleschi was also honoured with CFP’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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