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January 2022 - Modern pharmacy is increasingly proficient in the use of technology, with online booking systems, virtual appointments and automated dispensing gaining momentum. In fact, many experts believe this is just the beginning of what’s to come in terms of harnessing technology to improve pharmacy services.

Sunil George, Pharmacy Operations Manager at Calgary Co-op says operational efficiency is one reason pharmacy teams have embraced technology throughout the pandemic. “Since we have implemented the online appointment-booking system, we have noticed an overall reduction in the number of phone calls we receive from members and patients.”

But he notes that the benefits of adopting new technologies are not instantaneous. “We have found that technology enhances our team members’ efficiency once all team members are trained and once our members are comfortable utilizing the technology consistently.”

George Butters, CEO of, a Halifax-based provider of e-commerce solutions and data protection, advises pharmacy owners and managers to take a big-picture look before rushing in to adopt any one service or software. “Digitally transforming a messy business practice will give you a messy digital practice,” he says

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