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Pharmacist CDEs to the rescue

NOVEMBER 2021 - Pharmacists are already knowledgeable about diabetes, but a growing number are stepping it up a notch by becoming Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) for an even deeper disease understanding and connection to patients. 

Not only do many pharmacist CDEs work on an appointment basis so they can spend quality time with patients, they connect regularly with patients to be able to optimally address diabetes-related issues. "Beyond medication management, the CDE designation helps pharmacists become health coaches for patients," says Shelley Diamond, a pharmacist and co-founder of Diabetes Care Community, an online patient resource. “Each time a patient comes in to pick up a prescription, it’s an opportunity to talk to them for a few minutes about some aspect of their diabetes.”

Looking to the future, Canadian Pharmacists Association’s Director of Professional Affairs Philip Emberley suggests virtual technologies could play a bigger role in diabetes care. This could entail establishing virtual connections in doctors’ offices where pharmacists could be virtually present during appointments. He notes that other healthcare providers are often unaware of how much pharmacists can help in caring for diabetes patients and the CDE credentials can open doors for team-based care. 

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