Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada

Frontline leadership from our Wellspring Award winners

JANUARY 2022 - Our four latest Wellspring Award recipients shared their goals in helping advance pharmacy practice during a recent webinar hosted by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy.

"I feel community pharmacists are most accessible and leaders in smoking cessation but have little knowlege of tobacco reduction models and we need that," said award recipient Jane Ling, who is President of Pharmacists for a Smoke Free Canada (PSFC) and is developing a free virtual Lower Risk Nicotine Use (LRNU) Education Symposium for pharmacists. "Wellspring has given us the seed money towards educating pharmacists on tobacco harm reduction." 

University of Waterloo Associate Professor Feng Chang will be using funds from her Wellspring Award to attend the “Media and Medicine Program: How to tell stories that make a difference” offered by Harvard Medical School. "Creating compelling narratives would be a great way to drive change to not only help people understand pharmacy but health-releated issues," she said. "There is a role [for pharmacists] in healthcare not just in promoting better management of medications but also in behavioral changes and to engage people from all walks of life."

"I identify as part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and I want to make the pharmacy experience better," said award winner James Morrison, Director of Pharmacy Excellence at Whole Health Pharmacy Partners. His upcoming Master's thesis will focus on evaluating whether educational institutions are evolving their curricula well enough to train students to provide care for gender and sexual minority patients. "Students themselves are clamoring for more information and through my research I hope to identify what we can do to ehance education."

Award winner and community pharmacist Alyssa Aco is aming to develop a standard practice protocol to streamline glycemic management, and assess whether this improves the communication and quality of care. Through the Quality Improvement Project, she is identifying gaps in communication and practice inconsistencies related to hypo/hyperglycemic management in home care.  "Here is a practitioners who identified an area that needs improvement and dove right in," said CFP board member Iris Krawchenko in presenting the award. "Our committee liked this project because we could clearly see how passionate she was."

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