Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada


Embracing Change in Toronto

APRIL 2020 - Whether it’s expanding pharmacy services or scaling them back in times of crisis, pharmacist/owner Victor Wong believes pharmacies need to embrace their critical role in Canada’s healthcare.

Wong saw the value in offering expanded...

Help is here for anxiety due to COVID-19

Looking for an app to help your patients, your co-workers or yourself cope with anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis? Not sure which one to pick, out of the thousands that are available?

Alberta research shows value of care plans

A novel qualitative research study illuminates how comprehensive annual care plans (CACPs) can provide tremendous value to patients, pharmacists and other healthcare providers.

Introducing CFP's 2020 Board Members

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is pleased to welcome six new board members for its monumental 75th year. Joining the board are Dr. Lori MacCallum and Kerry Mansell, Helen Marin and Kimberly Schroeder, Max Beairsto, and Al Moghaddam.

Embracing change in Ottawa

Kent MacLeod and his team at NutriChem prove that finding the right niche is key to long-standing success. This independent, Ottawa-based pharmacy is still thriving after 40 years in business because it has been setting trends in pharmacy practice from its very beginnings.

More time to apply

In consideration of the extra demands being placed on pharmacists and all sectors of the profession of pharmacy due to COVID-19, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy has extended the application deadlines for the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards and the Innovation Fund.

Embracing Change: BioPro Biologics Pharmacy, Vancouver

It all started with a desire to "walk the talk" when it comes to patient-centred care, says Dr. Alan Low, Primacy Care Pharmacist and Pharmacy Lead at BioPro Biologics Pharmacy in Vancouver. "Most pharmacies have been stuck in a distribution model and I've always wanted to look at ways we can leverage our abilities, knowledge and accessibility as pharmacists to help patients in terms of improving their health and quality of life," he says.

Path clearer to deprescribing

FEBRUARY 2020 - Dr. Barbara Farrell and her team at the Bruyere Research Institute in Ottawa, supported by funding from CFP's Innovation Fund, have been hard at work building frameworks for deprescribing in Canada.

CFP honours pharmacy students

The future of pharmacy looks bright, judging from the caliber of pharmacy students eager to put their training into practice. The Canadian Foundation of Pharmacy is honoured to be able to recognize the leaders in their ranks, through its sponsorship of two awards.

Cost-effectiveness of UTI prescribing attracts attention

An economic analysis proving the cost-effectiveness of pharmacists managing uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) is garnering interest among Canada and abroad.