Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada


CFP members join 2019 Leaders in Pharmacy

January 2019 - Several CFP board members were recognized as this year’s Leaders in Pharmacy. Executive Director Dayle Acorn, current board members Justin Bates and Sherif Guorgui, along with former board member Allison Bodnar, were among the 11...

Celebrating a pharmacy visionary

January 2019 - With a distinguished 40 years in the profession, Myrella Roy is this year’s ideal candidate for the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious honour goes to Roy for her ongoing influence in...

Moving forward with quality indicators

True to their words at CFP’s annual Pharmacy Forum last year, pharmacy stakeholders are going ahead with efforts to improve health outcomes by exploring quality indicators for pharmacies.

Research affects change in practice

For more than a decade, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy has been funding good ideas around pharmacy-related research as part of its Innovation Fund Grant.

Meet the 2018 Innovation Winners

John Papastergiou
Paula Newman
Saleema Bhaidani
 Lisa Woodill (PANS)

NOVEMBER 2018 - Vaccine adherence rates, opioid stewardship and new pharmacy practice models to improve...

CFP Forum tackles quality question

Ready or not, pharmacies will be assessed for the quality of their care to patients, and the results will be publicly reported, as part of a growing movement to improve health outcomes across the healthcare system. This message was one of the key takeaways from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's 2018 Pharmacy Forum event in Toronto in late October.

Be part of the million dollar difference



NOVEMBER 2018 - As you consider charitable donations before the year’s end, think about making a contribution to the future of pharmacy by joining CFP’s 1 million for 25 campaign. If every pharmacist in Canada donated just $25, there would...

PEI's Pillar of Pharmacy

NOVEMBER 2018 - Some 120 people gathered in Charlottetown in October to celebrate a pillar in pharmacy—and in their communities. Pharmacist/owner Ray Murphy was lauded for his exemplary service to his profession and his community in a ceremony...

Deprescribing, within a pharmacist's domain

Community pharmacists can have a vital role in deprescribing, according to the Catalyst Study, which was funded by Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy.

Pharmacists' fit in travel medicine

We now know Canadians are very willing to receive a pre-travel consultation and vaccinations from a pharmacist-managed travel clinic, and 94% were satisfied by the care received, thanks to a study conducted by Sherilyn Houle, Assistant Professor at the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo. And now that message is getting wider play.