Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada


Congrats to textbook winners

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Todd and Bernadine Barrett, co-owners of Health-e Choice Pharmacy in Clarenville, NL, are the winners of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's latest Facebook contest-and as a result have received a complimentary copy of CFP's Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook. The July contest was launched to help promote the upcoming online continuing education (CE) program, Managing Your Pharmacy: The Business Essentials, which is based on the textbook.

CFP recognizes volunteer leaders

SEPTEMBER 2017 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) continues to recognize pharmacy leaders across Canada with its Past President Award [LINK TO], presented to presidents of provincial and national pharmacy associations and regulatory bodies upon completion of their terms of office.

Coming soon: online CE for business of pharmacy

JULY 2017 - An online continuing education program on pharmacy operations and management is coming soon, based on the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's popular Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook.

"Stunning" results from hypertension study

JULY 2017 - Pharmacists' services for hypertension management can generate significant savings for the Canadian healthcare system, according to a peer-reviewed economic analysis published in the May/June edition of Canadian Pharmacists Journal.

Quebec takes hard line with drug supply chain

JULY 2017 - Provincial regulations are driving significant changes in Quebec's drug industry and supply chain-and other provinces are taking note. That was the message Ghislain Gauthier, Director at Pangaea Group, a consulting firm, told an audience of some 150 pharmacy stakeholders at the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's annual Charity Golf Classic.

Minor ailments prescribing delivers savings

MAY 2017 - For every dollar spent on pharmacists' prescribing for minor ailments in Saskatchewan in 2014, the province saved $2.15 in direct healthcare costs and indirect costs (e.g., lost productivity). This positive return on investment is predicted to increase to $2.53 by 2019, according to researchers at the University of Saskatchewan who are wrapping up a multi-phase study on pharmacists prescribing for minor ailments, funded in part by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's Innovation Fund.

Home reviews warranted for the non-housebound

May 2017 - Housebound seniors with complex drug therapies often benefit from pharmacist home visits. But what about those elderly patients who can still make it into the pharmacy? It's a question Toronto pharmacist/owner John Papastergiou set out to answer with the help of funding from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's Innovation Fund.

Untapped potential of travel meds

May 2017 - Pharmacists could be playing a much bigger role in providing vaccinations and other healthcare services for travellers, suggest the latest results of a research study conducted by 2015 Innovation Fund grant recipient Sherilyn Houle of the University of Waterloo's School of Pharmacy.

Kudos to the 2017 Wellspring winners

May 2017 - Patricia Gerber, Craig Plain and Naomi Steenhof are the recipients of this year's Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards. The pharmacists will receive a total of $10,000 from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy to pursue individual initiatives to develop personal leadership through study, experiential learning or mentorship.

2017 Pillar of Pharmacy: Marshall Moleschi

MAY 2017 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is thrilled to honour Marshall Moleschi as the 2017 Pillar of Pharmacy Award recipient, to recognize his important contributions to advance the profession. "Marshall has been a catalyst for change within the profession in his leaderships roles in B.C. and Ontario-and all pharmacists across Canada are benefitting from Marshall's contributions," says CFP President Derek Desrosiers.