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CFP Pharmacy Forum tackles impact of COVID-19

OCTOBER 2020 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's 2020 Pharmacy Forum is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18. This year's virtual event is a two-hour session that focuses on the theme, "COVID-19: Accelerating the Pace of Change."

The evolving journey of COVID-19 testing in Alberta

OCTOBER 2020 - In just under four months, Alberta pharmacists had tested more than 150,000 asymptomatic Albertans for COVID-19 by the time the province paused the programs in pharmacies until further notice.

CFP's Golf Classic, from a safe distance

September 2020 - Even in these unprecendented times, supporters of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy hit the green from a safe distance for the annual Golf Classic in August. The event, held in Milton, Ont., drew 60 attendees, all of whom...

Embracing Change: Pace Pharmacy, Toronto

September 2020 - Being your own boss, and acting on your vision is not something every pharmacist gets to achieve. For Adam Silvertown, pharmacist and owner of Pace Pharmacy, it took spending a few years working for someone else to realize that...

Rita's lessons for pharmacy (and life)

SEPTEMBER 2020 - Rita Winn, this year's recipient of the 2020 Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s prestigious Pillar of Pharmacy Award, looks back on her career so far and shares her advice for professional (and personal) fulfillment.

CFP's 2020 Pillar of Pharmacy: Rita Winn

AUGUST 2020 - Given Rita Winn’s decades of advocacy and leadership in the profession, it’s fitting she be named this year's Pillar of Pharmacy by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy.

Rita has more than 30 years of community pharmacy and retail...

Kudos to the 2020 Wellspring Award winners

August 2020 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is pleased to announce this year's recipients of the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards: pharmacists Rui Su and Kerry Wilbur.

In light of restrictions with COVID-19, this year's recipients...

Embracing Change in Regina, Saskatchewan

August 2020 - “I never saw myself opening a pharmacy in my career but I realized that it was something that was needed, something that would help me—as the lone psychiatric pharmacist in Regina—and would help my patients, ” says Melanie McLeod,...

How COVID-19 has changed the rules in pharmacy practice

JULY 2020 - The pandemic has prompted numerous changes in policies and regulations affecting pharmacy practice. The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) has created a chart to summarize the changes and enable quick comparisons between provinces.

Overcoming barriers to diabetes care follow-ups

We've long been hearing about community pharmacists' lack of time and adequate reimbursement as barriers to doing medication follow-ups. But now a recently published Canadian study exploring why community pharmacists aren't doing more diabetes follow-ups is providing proof to the anecdotes.