Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada


Bridging gaps in health care

NOVEMBER 2022 - CFP's cover story in the fall edition of Changing Face of Pharmacy explores how the pandemic has fast-forwarded the future of pharmacy, particularly in the areas of routine immunizations and prescribing for minor ailments.

Thank you, Dayle

NOVEMBER 2022 - CFP’s outgoing Executive Director Dayle Acorn earns a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to pharmacy.

Celebrating Rita, a Pillar of Pharmacy

NOVEMBER 2022 - Pharmacy stakeholders across the board congregated in Toronto recently to celebrate Pillar of Pharmacy award winner Rita Winn.

2022 Innovation Fund recipients raising the bar

OCTOBER 2022 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is thrilled to announce four Innovation Fund Grant recipients for 2022: Kelly Grindrod, Karen Riley, Amy Tran and Ricky Turgeon.

Kimberly Schroeder on why CFP is essential to the profession

OCTOBER 2022 - With more than 25 years in the business of pharmacy, Kimberly Schroeder has a passion for the profession she appreciates being able to share with other Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy board members.

Wellspring winner Noelle Patten: leadership in health policy

OCTOBER 2022 - For Noelle Patten, receiving the Wellspring Award enabled her to develop her own leadership skills to augment her role as Associate Registrar of Quality Assurance with the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board.

Meet the 2022 Wellspring winners

SEPTEMBER 2022 - Whether it be improved care for vulnerable populations or better training opportunities, this year’s recipients prove just how far-reaching a passion for the profession can go.

Randy's take on the unique role of CFP

SEPTEMBER 2022 - As a long-time donor to the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy, Randy Goodman says it’s not about how or how much you give, it’s about helping your profession now and into the future.

Ali's insights for CFP Board

SEPTEMBER 2022 - With his extensive background as a pharmaceutical executive, board member Ali Moghaddam offers an industry perspective in helping the Foundation prepare for the future.

Susan Lessard-Friesen a champion for patient safety

SEPTEMBER 2022 - Susan Lessard-Friesen has made her mark on pharmacy practice in Manitoba and internationally, especially in the area of patient safety. CFP is pleased to recognize her achievements with a Lifetime Achievement Award.