Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada


MedsChecks persevere in Ontario

JANUARY 2022 – Pharmacists in Ontario did not miss a beat in the provision of MedsCheck annual medication reviews during the first year of the pandemic. In fact, claims for the service increased by 12%.

Mental health momentum

JANUARY 2021 - Pharmacists are seeing the mental health impacts of COVID-19 first-hand. Their role in mental health support grew exponentially over the last two years because of their accessibility when lockdowns across the country made it difficult for individuals to see many healthcare providers.

Pharmacy's value as vaccinators: new research

JANUARY 2022 - Canadian research on non-influenza adult vaccinations has proven the adage: “If you build it, they will come.” In this case, when pharmacists are authorized and reimbursed to put more shots in arms, more people will go to pharmacies to get immunized.

Frontline leadership from our Wellspring Award winners

JANUARY 2022 - Our four latest Wellspring Award recipients shared their goals in helping advance pharmacy practice.

Thank you, pharmacy association presidents

JANUARY 2022 - CFP is proud to recognize the pharmacists who volunteer to serve as presidents of provincial and national pharmacy organizations.

Claims way up for some services, down for others

NOVEMBER 2021 – The latest claims data for publicly funded services paints a compelling picture of how the COVID-19 pandemic pushed pharmacists to do more prescription renewals and many, many more immunizations. On the other hand, other services saw drops in billings after years of growth.

What’s next for pharmacy post-COVID-19?

NOVEMBER 2021 - Pharmacists’ willingness to step up to fill healthcare gaps during the pandemic has cemented their position as key members of the healthcare team. But now it’s up to the profession to meet new patient expectations, while guarding against burnout.

Pharmacist CDEs to the rescue

NOVEMBER 2021 - Pharmacists are already knowledgeable about diabetes, but a growing number are stepping it up a notch by becoming Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) for an even deeper disease understanding and connection to patients. 

Announcing the 2021 Innovation Fund recipients

OCTOBER 2021 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is pleased to announce five Innovation Fund Grant winners for 2021: Yazid Al Hamarneh, Christine Leong, Mova Leung, Paula Newman and James Yuen.

New CFP fund for innovation in community pharmacy!

OCTOBER 2021 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is launching a new fund to encourage innovation in community pharmacy, made possible by a large initial donation from the Nashat family.