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We are all leaders: the Wellspring Awards

SEPTEMBER 2021 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy launched the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards in 2012 to honour the legacy of Barbara Wells, an exceptional pharmacy leader. The goal is to recognize and nurture leadership in frontline pharmacists to help advance not only their own careers, but also the profession of pharmacy.  

Embracing Change in Lindsay, Ontario

AUGUST 2021 - Mike Cavanagh is so happy with the appointment-based model of pharmacy practice so far that he’s volunteered to be part of a study that he expects will prove its worth.

Taking a LEAP for leaders in pharmacy

AUGUST 2021 - Four years ago, pharmacist Patricia Gerber took a leap of faith, quite literally. With the support of a Wellspring Leadership Award grant from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP), she launched the Leadership Experience Applied to Pharmacy (“LEAP”) course with the ambitious goal of developing real leaders in pharmacy.

Meet the 2021 Wellspring Award Winners

JULY 2021 - This year's winners tackle gaps in hypo/hyperglycemic management in home care, how to tell impactful stories to propel the professsion, new strategies to deal with tobacco addiction, and ways to improve pharmacy education around 2SLGBTQ+ patient care

Embracing Change in Newfoundland and Labrador

JULY 2021 - The Medication Therapy Services (MTS) Clinic at Memorial University’s School of Pharmacy in St. John’s is a place where ideas thrive—and failure is embraced.

Digital world: differentiation or disruption?

JULY 2021 - Digital pharmacy, online pharmacy, virtual pharmacy—the names and incarnations may vary but the implications for community pharmacy are the same, agreed panelists at the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s “Accelerating the Pace of Change” Forum on June 24.

Get the updated COVID-19 chart

JUNE 2021 - Fees for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines in pharmacies range from $13 to $35—where does your province fit on that spectrum?

Pharmacies rise to the challenge

JUNE 2021 - The frontline efforts and expanded scope of community pharmacists during the pandemic have garnered widespread public praise and shone a spotlight on pharmacists’ skills and capacity to play a leading role in public health.

Pharmacists can aid quicker mental health recovery

JUNE 2021 - For patients with mental illness, pharmacists can play a more important and potentially life-changing role.

New practice model a win for all

JUNE 2021 - A strategic, structured approach to facilitate practice change is doable, and can have a positive, sustainable impact on both the delivery of expanded services and staff satisfaction.