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Embracing change in Winnipeg

MAY 2022 - Simplicity Wellness is a licensed pharmacy that does not dispense any medication. The new pharmacy in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides appointment-based consulting services for people living with or at risk of one or more chronic conditions.

Get your eBook!

MAY 2022 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's textbook on pharmacy management is now available in a convenient digital format.

Rx to Thrive still thriving

MAY 2022 - Nova Scotia’s community pharmacy pilot program successfully evolves practice model.

An exit plan is essential for success

APRIL 2022 - An exit strategy is about more than selling your pharmacy one day in the future—it can also make a difference in the successful operation of your pharmacy today.

Beating the drum for pharmacy

APRIL 2022 - As part of Pharmacy Appreciation Month in March, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy partnered with the Ontario Pharmacists Association and the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada to raise public awareness of pharmacists' growing role in health care.

Embracing Change in Montreal, Quebec

APRIL 2022 - When Benoit Morin and his brothers took over their father’s Montreal pharmacy 22 years ago, they determined that success required embracing new directions.

Nancy Waite on CFP's unique role

APRIL 2022 - Pharmacist-researcher and new Board member Nancy Waite shares her thoughts on CFP's important place in promoting pharmacy in Canada.

Thank you, Doris!

MARCH 2022 - Even 32 years after retiring in 1990, Doris Thompson remains connected and dedicated to the profession of pharmacy.

PAM 2022 and beyond

MARCH 2022 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy partnered with the Ontario Pharmacists Association as part of its efforts to support Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM) in March.

The U.S. pharmacy perspective

MARCH 2022 - Pharmacy leaders south of the border shared their vision for the profession in a post-pandemic world at CFP’s February Forum event.