Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada


Embracing Change: MedMe Health

JANUARY 2021 - Less than a year after earning her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Waterloo in 2018, Rui Su and two partners co-founded MedMe Health, which provides virtual solutions for community pharmacy practice, such as online appointment scheduling and virtual care tools.

Health apps worth recommending

JANUARY 2021 - A new online tool from Quebec-based TherAppX aims to help pharmacists and other healthcare providers feel comfortable discussing and recommending digital health apps to their patients.

COVID-19 lessons: highlights from CFP’s Forum

JANUARY 2021 - At the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s annual Pharmacy Forum, held virtually in November, presenters focused on how COVID-19 has served as a catalyst with a positive impact on pharmacy services—and what needs to be done for the profession to thrive in the future.

2020 CFP Changing Face of Pharmacy report

NOVEMBER 2020 - CFP's annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report chronicles the evolution of community pharmacy from the vantage point of regulatory change as well as innovation at the frontline.

Claims for services going up, up, up

NOVEMBER 2020 – From coast to coast, community pharmacies are steadily submitting more claims for billable services that are funding by provincial healthcare budgets. Influenza vaccinations and prescription adaptations/renewals continue to lead the way, with double-digit increases in claims.

INNOVATION FUND GRANT: virtual pharmacy

NOVEMBER 2020 - With more and more healthcare services going virtual during COVID-19, the pharmacy team at Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre’s out-patient pharmacy has been looking to virtual care to ensure cancer patients get the same level of medication management they did prior to the pandemic.

INNOVATION FUND GRANT: holistic healthcare

NOVEMBER 2020 - There is ample evidence showing the benefits of pharmacists in managing medical conditions such as hypertension and urinary tract infections. CFP’s 2020 Innovation Fund grant recipient Debbie Kelly believes pharmacists can have an even bigger impact by taking a holistic approach to medication management using comprehensive medication assessments (CMAs).

COVID-19 continues to change rules in pharmacy

OCTOBER 2020 – The latest edition of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s COVID-19 chart shows that pharmacy has made important strides at the government policy level, particularly in the areas of controlled substances and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Research breaks ground on digital health tools in pharmacy

OCTOBER 2020 - A government-funded research project aims to help pharmacists find their place in a digital world.

Online business of pharmacy CE relaunched

OCTOBER 2020 - Those interested in learning more about the business of pharmacy can check out the relaunched online continuing education program, "Managing Your Pharmacy: The Business Essentials."