Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada

2017 Pharmacy Forum

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Sheraton Airport Hotel, Toronto

8am - 3:00pm


Recent economic analyses are breaking ground to prove the positive return on investment for pharmacists’ services, yet many questions remain unanswered when it comes to converting these results into mainstream practice. At its 2017 Pharmacy Forum on November 21, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) and pharmacy leaders will examine what needs to happen for pharmacists to deliver consistent, measurable value to the healthcare system.

Among the issues to be addressed by presenters and panelists:

The Current Landscape: We will look at how pharmacists’ expanded services impact health care and the Canadian healthcare system, and consider the evidence in support of growing and reimbursing for these services.

Profession in Transition: Representatives for Canadian Pharmacists Association, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada, Ontario Pharmacists Association and Ontario College of Pharmacists will share their views on how pharmacists are adapting to provide services under an expanded scope. They will seek to answer the questions: Are pharmacists moving quickly enough, and in sufficient numbers, to provide optimal benefits to patients and the healthcare system? How is the profession shifting the business model from one based on distribution to one that revolves around services?

Value-Based Pharmacy: We will look to the US for an understanding of Value-Based Pharmacy, which has gained considerable momentum south of the border in recent years. How does it work, what has been the impact on pharmacy, and how is pharmacy responding? As Value-Based Pharmacy makes its way into Canada, what are the key considerations for Canadian pharmacists?

As part of this presentation, a representative for Pharmacy Quality Solutions, the provider behind Value-Based Pharmacy, will demonstrate how pharmacists navigate and work with the web-based program.

Please register online using the Register Here button above or contact Dayle Acorn, CFP Executive Director, at Special rates for pharmacists, and pharmacy students can register at no cost!