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2022 November Pharmacy Forum

November 17, 2022
Virtual event (Zoom) 12:00 - 1:15 ET

CFP Forum February 2022

Digital Health in Pharmacy – Let’s Make it Happen


Headshot of Rui Su Presenter - Rui Su is the co-founder of MedMe Health, a digital pharmacy care platform that experienced explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rui is also co-author of an accredited program on digital health in pharmacy practice, just launched in Canada and funded by a grant from CFP’s Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards.

Rui will be joined by other pharmacists who are successfully leveraging digital health to advance patient care in a rapidly digitizing healthcare landscape.

You will learn more about:

  • The current landscape of digital health and virtual care in Canada
  • Virtual care in action, including telepharmacy, internet pharmacies, remote dispensing and remote patient monitoring
  • The opportunities and risks of adopting new technologies in pharmacy practice
Headshot of Aska Patel Moderator - Aska Patel is a pharmacist and entrepreneur with a passion for the digital delivery of health and pharmaceutical care. Founder of Acuvise Consultancy Inc., Aska and her team provides healthcare, start-up and environmental sustainability consulting. In her podcast, Diverse Conversations, Aska discusses the future of pharmacy, health and health technology with global industry leaders.
Headshot of Ashwin Juneja Panelist - Ashwin Juneja has a PharmD and a Master in Business Administration. He has spent his career pushing for deeper pharmacist involvement in patient care and has helped champion innovative approaches within pharmacy through various panels, presentations and published articles on innovative approaches and technologies, including pharmacogenetics. He is currently the Clinical Affairs Lead at Inagene Diagnostics Inc.
Gurpreet Lall Headshot Panelist - Gurpreet Lall was an associate with Shoppers Drug Mart for 10 years until 2014 and then started his independent pharmacy journey. At present he owns two pharmacies in Brampton. Gurpreet always had an interest in technology, and for years had been dismayed and frustrated with the lack of technology in pharmacy. Together with some partners, he launched and and we will soon be launching 

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