Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada



The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy by funding practical, grassroots research and innovative models of practice. To do this, CFP relies on donations from individuals and corporations.

Since 2007, CFP has allocated more than $1.5 million in funding to 28 research projects through its Innovation Fund. Pharmacy stakeholders the country use the findings to promote the profession and pharmacists’ expanded scope of practice.

Each year, we receive many applications for grants from our Innovation Fund. We can choose just two or three recipients from among the many exciting proposals, because we don't have the funds to choose more.

Pharmacy is at a pivotal point. Ground-breaking opportunities on the one hand; formidable challenges on the other. More than ever before, pharmacy needs to prove its value to governments, third-party payers and patients. We can do it. With CFP, we are doing it—yet we can do so much more.

If every pharmacist in Canada donated just $25, there would be more than $1 million available for research and innovation. Just imagine the difference we could make!

Let’s do it. Donate just $25 to be part of the million-dollar difference. Because pharmacy is worth it.


A sampling of projects funded by CFP through its Innovation Fund

Virtual pharmacy services * Prescription to Thrive project * CannabisCareRx program * Pharmacist coaching for mental health * Pharmacists’ interventions for high-dose opioid patients * Strategies to improve diabetes care * Prescribing for UTIs * Mobilizing pharmacists for deprescribing * Adherence e-tools * Travel medicine services * Pharmacists’ value in prescribing for minor ailments * Home-visit medication reviews * Personalized medicine * Hypertension management * PLUS 29 grants for personal leadership development since 2012 through CFP’s Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards