Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada

President's Message

David Windross, B.Sc.Phm., R.Ph. 


This year marks the 73rd anniversary of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. Although the Foundation started as a means to support pharmaceutical education and research in Canada, it became primarily known as the organization helping pharmacy students with loans and bursaries.   

Fortunately, over the past 10 years CFP has successfully transitioned into an organization dedicated to the practice of pharmacy today—and into the future. The Foundation’s Innovation Fund now provides more than $100,000 in grants annually to support various pharmacy practice research projects.

Innovation is paramount to the future of pharmacy practice in Canada. As the population ages and the number of prescription medications increase, the role of the pharmacist is not only to provide these prescriptions but also to monitor efficacy and the patient’s response to therapy. The Board of Directors at CFP recognized this a decade ago and the current Board is no different. A dedicated group of professionals from all sectors of pharmacy, these individuals have committed their time and resources to the cause: to support innovation in pharmacy practice research.

For even more perspective, CFP has provided more than $1 Million to date in support of practice research in Canada. This unprecedented number has been made possible due to donations from pharmacists, as well as community pharmacy operations and pharmaceutical manufactures via sponsorship of various CFP programs and initiatives.

As this year’s President, I look forward to working with the Board to continue to support innovation in pharmacy practice. During these challenging times, when pharmacy is facing tremendous change in traditional revenue sources, the Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting practice initiatives that support enhanced patient care.

I encourage all pharmacists to consider supporting CFP. If every one of the 41,000 pharmacists in Canada provided an annual donation of only $25 it would equate to $1,025,000 dollars each and every year. Just imagine the practice innovation research that could support!

While there are many organizations outside of pharmacy seeking donations to their particular causes, remember that being a pharmacist is a privilege not a right. It’s up to members of the profession today to ensure that privilege is there for future generations. Donating is easy: go to and click on DONATE in the top right corner. Remember that CFP is a charitable organization so a receipt for Income tax purposes will be issued.

Together we can make a difference in pharmacy today and into the future.