Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada

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Table of Contents 


I. Business Environment – the Canadian Pharmacy Landscape 

Section Editor: Roderick A. Slavcev

1. Industry Analysis: The Past, Present and Future – Roderick A. Slavcev

2. Macro-environmental Analysis – Harold Lopatka

3. Micro-environmental Analysis  – Roderick A. Slavcev

4. Stakeholder Analysis – Atul Goela


II. Analysis and Planning 

Section Editor: Alan Low

5. Essential Components of a Strategic Plan – Jason Perepelkin, Dr Kishor M. Wasan 

6. The Foundations of Building a Successful Strategic Plan – F.A. Derek Desrosiers 

7. The Pharmacist Entrepreneur –Alan Dresser, Michael S. Jaczko

8. Assessing the Critical Attributes of a New Venture –Roderick A. Slavcev 


III. Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship and Personal Effectiveness

Section Editor: Kevin W. Hall

9. Leadership and Management – Kevin W. Hall, Ron McKerrow 

10. Change Management – Meagen Rosenthal, Kevin W. Hall, Ross T. Tsuyuki 

11. Personal Effectiveness – Kevin W. Hall, Ron McKerrow 

12. Professional Competence and Ethics – Rene Breault, Jill Hall 

13. Personal Finance – Mike Sullivan 


IV. Financial Management for Your Practice 

Section Editor: Michael S. Jaczko

  • Sample financial statements

14. Financial Statements and Forms of Business Ownership – Rubin Cohen 

15. Statements Included Within Financial Statements –Michael S. Jaczko

16. Financial Ratios: Putting the Numbers to Work –David Cunningham 

17. The Canadian Third-Party Payer Market – Mike Sullivan

18. Hospital Financial Administration – Bill Wilson


V. Risk Management 

Section Editor: Michael S. Jaczko

19. Managing Risk in a Pharmacy Setting – Michael S. Jaczko

20. Insurance Basics – Michael S. Jaczko,Ron Poole, John T. Hunt


VI. Operations

Section Editor: Rita E. Winn 

21. Pharmacy Operations – Jody Shkrobot 

22. Inventory Management – Rick Brown 

23. Loss Prevention in Pharmacy – Leigh Jones 

24. Safety and Security in Pharmacy – David Toner

25. Pharmacy Services – Stacy Johnson 

26. Contingency Planning – J. Reddy Bade, Anita Brown, Bob Brown, Aleksandra Trkulja 

27. Legal Considerations for Pharmacy Operations – Della R. Croteau, Mark N. Wiseman  


VII. Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement 

Section Editor: Kevin W. Hall

28. Medication Incidents and Quality Improvement – Todd A. Boyle, Certina Ho


VIII. Human Resources Management

Section Editor: Rita E. Winn

29. Introduction to Human Resources Management – David Town

30. Creating a Desirable Workplace: The Eternal Circle – Susan E. Beresford

31. Effective Management Styles – Billy B. Cheung 

32. Effective Management of Human Resources – R. Mark Dickson

33. S.H.O.T.: Screening, Hiring, Orientation and Training – Rita E. Winn 

34. Performance Management – Rita E. Winn 

35. Conflict Management and Progressive Discipline – R. Mark Dickson 

36. Managing in a Unionized Environment – Tracey Phillips, Mark Coulter 

37. Legal Considerations in Employment and Labour Law – P.A. Neena Gupta, Roger Tam


IX. Developing, Implementing and Managing Clinical Pharmacy Services

Section Editor: Alan Low

38. Developing Patient Care Services – Alan Low

39. Planning Patient Care Services –John Shaske

40. Implementing Patient Care Services –John Shaske

41. Evaluating Patient Care Services – Carlo A. Marra, Nicole W. Tsao


X. Organizational, Business and Professional Communications 

Section Editor: Jason Perepelkin

42. An Introduction to Pharmacist Communications, Communication Models and Theories – Lisa M. Guirguis

43. Communicating with Pharmacy Employees – Jason Perepelkin

44. Communicating with Your Patients and Across Cultures – Kyle John Wilby, Zubin Austin 

45. Communicating with Other Health Care Professionals – Jason Perepelkin

46. Advocacy and Strategic Communications – Jeff Morrison


XI. Marketing, Promotion and Customer Service 

Section Editor: Jason Perepelkin

47. Introduction to Marketing and Key Concepts – Jason Perepelkin

48. Unique Characteristics of Products as Services  – Jason Perepelkin

49. Loyalty, Consumer Behaviour and Evaluation – Michael Boivin

50. Market Segmentation and Strategy – Grant Alexander Wilson 

51. Marketing Communications – Anne Marie Wright

52. Social Media Marketing – Kelly A. Grindrod


XII. Business Plans 

Section Editor: Roderick A. Slavcev

53. Business Planning to Business Plan – Vezna Nguyen, Bryan Davis