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Prescribing pharmacists reduce BP

December 2014 – Pharmacists with the authority to independently prescribe can significantly improve blood pressure levels in patients with uncontrolled hypertension, according to new research presented at the recent Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver. “Hypertension is a leading risk for death and disability. This research provides an opportunity to take a major step forward to […]

Patients need pharmacists to do more

December 2014 – With an aging population and a healthcare system ill-equipped for chronic disease management, the potential for pharmacy is huge and as yet untapped, was the consensus of a panel representing patient advocacy groups at the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s annual Pharmacy Forum. Representatives from the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, The Arthritis […]

New approaches key to reach patients

December 2014 – Pharmacists need to shift their language and approach to pharmacy services to better reach their patients, according to recent research on consumer attitudes towards pharmacy and pharmacists conducted by the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada. “The majority of people surveyed didn’t know what a medication review was or that they’d had one […]

Pharmacy innovators share tips

December 2014 – Several community pharmacists with thriving service offerings shared their strategies at the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s recent Pharmacy Forum event in Toronto. “Our licenced pharmacy techs quarterback everything,” stressed John Shaske, owner of Howe Sound Pharmacy in Gibson, B.C. “They take care of documentation and work flow, make sure the pharmacists have […]

The Business of Value

December 2014 – “If you don’t create value, you don’t matter.” That single sentence, delivered by Dr. Roderick Slavcev during his presentation at the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s recent Pharmacy Forum, sums up one of the biggest challenges faced by community pharmacists today. Until patients and payers can put their finger on what pharmacists and […]