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In 2020, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy celebrated its 75th anniversary. When it was established in 1945, the pharmacy journal at the time described it as “the greatest experiment ever proposed for pharmacy.” The Foundation has gone on to successfully raise millions of dollars for pharmacy education, research, innovation and leadership.

canadian foundation for pharmacy

Supporting the Profession of Pharmacy for 78 Years

In 1944, A.W. “Whit” Matthews (Director, University of Alberta School of Pharmacy) and John Kennedy (President, United Drug Company) recognized the need to support pharmaceutical education and research in Canada. The vision of these two pharmacy leaders culminated in the formation of the Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy in 1945.

For 78 years, the CFP has raised and distributed millions of dollars in support of the profession of pharmacy. Today, our Board of Directors continues their vision by providing funding for a number of innovative practice research projects, from pharmacist compensation to patient outcomes and expanding scope of practice, including understanding prescriptive authority. The results of these investments will benefit all pharmacists. With your continued support, we look forward to advancing our mission for the next 65 years!

1945 - 1946

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Black and white image of the original members of the first board on 1945 - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

When the Foundation first started in 1945, its Board was comprised of 24 male officers, directors and committee members (only Board pictured here). Leading the organization was John Kennedy, president of the United-Rexall Drug Company. Today’s Board has 16 members, half of whom are women.

Old image of CFP's original logo in 1945 - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

The Foundation’s original logo was carefully inked by hand in 1945. While it has changed over the years, CFP’s core purpose remains intact: to advance the profession through pharmacy research and education. In its original Charter, the Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy main objectives were to:

  • Assist in maintaining and improving pharmaceutical education in Canada;
  • Stimulate, coordinate and aid pharmaceutical research, investigation, and experimentation;
  • Foster public relations or publicity programs;
  • Encourage government and allied professions to avail themselves to the full and expanded services that pharmacy is now prepared to render; and
  • Promote the interests of pharmacy in Canada in all ways consistent with the purposes or objects of the Foundation.
Hand-written draft of the Foundation's first prospectus - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Black and white image of John Kennedy, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy's first board president in 1945 - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

The Foundation’s first prospectus was used to engage pharmacy leaders to support the creation of the “Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy” (now CFP) some 75 years ago.

After its first year, the Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy had raised $67,423, the equivalent of $1 million in today’s dollars. Individual pharmacists, or “druggists” as they were known then, donated $15,000 ($224,500 today). “For the first time in history, all branches of pharmacy and all who sell through the retail drugs stores are united in one major effort,” said John Kennedy, President of the Foundation, during his address on August 1, 1946. Kennedy was also the President of United-Rexall Drug Company.

1947 - TODAY

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Scholarships | Black and white image of young men in 1948, posing in front of a pharmacy - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

The conclusion of World War II saw huge demands on educational institutions. In anticipation, the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (now the Canadian Pharmacists Association) and the Canadian Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties appealed for assistance for schools of pharmacy, which were understaffed and under-resourced. Several pharmacy leaders, including John Kennedy, President of United-Rexall Drug Co., came together to create the not-for-profit Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (CFAP). Donations from individuals and corporations enabled CFAP to produce brochures to promote pharmacy as a career, and for a number of years it funded more than 30 annual scholarships of $100 each (about $1,500 today).

Grants & Awards | Black and white image of a pharmacist in 1947 receiving notice of a grant awarded by the CFP - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

By 1947, two years after its creation, the Foundation had already provided the following for “pharmacists in training”:

  • $3,575 in interest-free loans
  • $4,600 in undergraduate awards
  • 1,200 in graduate assistance
  • 5,500 in teaching fellowships
  • $1,500 in research grants

In today’s dollars this would be the equivalent of $224,450!

Issue of "Your Foundation News" newsletter from 1996 - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

An issue of “Your Foundation News,” from 1996, included an address from CFP President Malcolm Seath, in which he described the foundation as “a vehicle through which donations can be channeled into worthwhile projects.” This issue also includes a writeup on the first annual CFP Charity Golf Classic, a tradition that continues to this day.

Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Past Presidents [1945 to present]

1945/46 Mr. John R. Kennedy
1947/48 Mr. Cecil. C. White
1948/49 Mr. C.H. Lander
1949/50 Mr. Cyril H. Wilkins
1950/51 Mr. Elliot S. Frosst
1951/52 Mr. Reginald Cary
1952/53 Dr. G. A Lapointe
1953/54 Dean A.Whitney Matthews
1954/55 Lt.-Col. Frederick A. Tilson V.C.
1955/56 Mr. Thomas B. Horsler
1956/57 Dr. F. Norman Hughes
1957/58 Dr. Paul H. Soucy
1958/59 Mr. David L. Menzies
1959/60 Mr. Anson McKim
1959/61 Dr. Roger Larose
1961/62 Mr. H. Charles Peacock
1962/63 Mr. Frank C. Cleary
1963/64 Mr. William Labow
1964/65 Mr. J. Crawford Gould
1965/66 Col. Fred Tilston, V.C.
1966 Dr. Wesley C. MacAulay
1966/67 Mr. John Alexander
1967/68 Mr. Larry Haskett
1968 Dr. Mervyn J. Houston
1969/70 Mr. J. Edward Rose
1970/71 Mr. M.R. Osbourne

1971/72 Mr. D.H.Burgess
1972/73 Mr. Clifford A. Rogers
1973/74 Mr. G.J.Odell
1974/75 Dr. J.R. Murray
1975/76 Mr. J.P.Doherty
1976/77 Dr. Bernie E. Reidel
1977/78 Mr. C.G. Cornell
1978/79 Mr. G.H. Dyer
1979/80 Mr. Bill T. Keene
1980/81 Mr. Frank .J. Burke
1981/82 Mr. Terry A. Mailloux
1982/83 Dr. Bruce R. Schnell
1983/84 Mr. Percy Skuy
1984/85 Mr. John J. Ryan
1985/86 Dr. J. Gordon Duff
1986/87 Mr. Romeo Franceschini
1987/88 Mr. G. Kingsley Ward
1988/89 Dr. Gaston Labrecque
1989/90 Mr. Stan Lissack
1990/91 Ms. Morna Cook
1991/92 Mr. Alfred C. Scales
1992/93 Dr. Pauline Beaulac
1993/94 Dr. Pauline Beaulac
1994/95 Mr. Byron G. Sarson
1995/96 Dr. John McNeill
1996/97 Mr. Malcolm Seath

1997/98 Dr. Nancy MacDonald
1998/99 Mr. Gerald McDole
1999/00 Dr. Colin Briggs
2000/01 Mr. Barry Phillips
2001/02 Mr. Fred Smith
2002/03 Mr. Patrick King
2003/04 Ms Linda Lytle
2004/05 Mr. Bev Allen
2005/06 Mr. Aubrey Browne
2006/07 Dr. Kenneth W. Hindmarsh
2007/08 Ms. Christina A. Bisanz
2008/09 Mr. William F. Veniot
2009/10 Mr. Peter Marshall
2010/11 Ms. Bessie Wang
2011/12 Mr. Ryan Itterman
2012/13 Ms. Linda Prytula
2013/14 Ms. Marnie Mitchell
2014/15 Mr. Marshall Moleschi
2015/16 Ms. Anne Maheu
2016/17 Mr. David Edwards
2017/18 Mr. Derek Desrosiers
2018/19 Mr. David Windross
2019/20 Mr. Bill Wilson
2020/21 Ms. Linda Prytula
2021/22 Ms. Margaret Wing
2022/23 Ms. Deb Saltmarche

Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Executive Directors

Since inception, the Foundation has employed very few staff, and most on a part-time basis. They have relied heavily on its numerous volunteers to carry out its mandate.

1947 – 1956 Mr. Aubrey A. Browne Executive Secretary-Treasurer
1956 – 1962 Mr. John R. Kennedy Executive Secretary-Treasurer
1963 – 1969 Mr. Reginald Cary Executive Secretary-Treasurer
1970 – 1981 Mr. Larry Haskett Executive Secretary-Treasurer
1982 – 1987 Mr. Baxter Rowsell Executive Secretary-Treasurer
1987 – 1995 Ms. Donna Shaw Executive Director
1995 – 2000 Mr. Stu Ryan Executive Director
2000 – 2002 Dr. Murray Brown Executive Director
2002 – 2007 Mr. Larry Shipp Executive Director
2007 – 2022 Mr. Dayle Acorn Executive Director
2022 – 2023 Mr. Paul Kidston Executive Director
2023 – Present Ms. Linda Prytula Executive Director

Canada’s Charity of Choice to Support Pharmacy

As a registered charity, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is uniquely positioned to fund practical research and innovative practice models at the grassroots level, as well as recognize the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change in the profession of pharmacy by seeking out, nurturing and inspiring innovation. Your donations are a way to give back to a profession that has much to look forward to. Thank you for your support.