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Stay up-to-date with the latest news and insights from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP). With over 75 years of supporting pharmaceutical education and research in Canada, CFP’s  news page is a repository of around 300 articles (and counting) revolving around the pharmacy space in Canada. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for a curated selection of insights, profiles on leading names in pharmacy, grants announcements and much more.

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Changing Face of Pharmacy

Fall 2023

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As part of its annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy...

Pharmacy Management in Canada

Canada's first textbook dedicated to pharmacy management since 1998 provides timely content...

Innovation Showcase 2024 with Jeffrey Simpson - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
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Innovation Showcase 2024

Jeffrey Simpson, acclaimed journalist and former National Affairs Columnist for the Globe and Mail reflects on what it will take to fix Canada’s flailing healthcare system.