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Pharmacy Management In Canada

Pharmacy Management in Canada is Canada’s first textbook dedicated to pharmacy management since 1998 provides timely content written and reviewed by more than 100 experts from across the country.

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Pharmacy Management In Canada From CFP

“With the ever-changing scope of practice for pharmacists and the need for maintaining clinical expertise, often management issues are not given the same dedicated focus,” says Editor-in-Chief Wayne Hindmarsh, Dean Emeritus of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto. “I congratulate the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy for leading this initiative.”

In its 12 sections, Pharmacy Management in Canada (produced in 2015) delves into a wide range of topics, from developing a strategic business plan and financial management of your practice, to marketing and quality control. An entire section is dedicated to developing, implementing and managing clinical pharmacy services.

Copies can be purchased for $149 ($109 for students) through the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

Also available: Managing Your Pharmacy: The Business Essentials, an online learning program based on Pharmacy Management in Canada and developed by the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Ontario Pharmacists Association. The program is available as individual learning modules. Complete the whole program and receive a free copy of the textbook. Note: accreditation expired on Feb. 28, 2021.

I. Business Environment – the Canadian Pharmacy Landscape 

Section Editor: Roderick A. Slavcev

1. Industry Analysis: The Past, Present and Future – Roderick A. Slavcev

2. Macro-environmental Analysis – Harold Lopatka

3. Micro-environmental Analysis  – Roderick A. Slavcev

4. Stakeholder Analysis – Atul Goela


II. Analysis and Planning 

Section Editor: Alan Low

5. Essential Components of a Strategic Plan – Jason Perepelkin, Dr Kishor M. Wasan 

6. The Foundations of Building a Successful Strategic Plan – F.A. Derek Desrosiers 

7. The Pharmacist Entrepreneur –Alan Dresser, Michael S. Jaczko

8. Assessing the Critical Attributes of a New Venture –Roderick A. Slavcev 


III. Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship and Personal Effectiveness

Section Editor: Kevin W. Hall

9. Leadership and Management – Kevin W. Hall, Ron McKerrow 

10. Change Management – Meagen Rosenthal, Kevin W. Hall, Ross T. Tsuyuki 

11. Personal Effectiveness – Kevin W. Hall, Ron McKerrow 

12. Professional Competence and Ethics – Rene Breault, Jill Hall 

13. Personal Finance – Mike Sullivan 


IV. Financial Management for Your Practice 

Section Editor: Michael S. Jaczko

  • Sample financial statements

14. Financial Statements and Forms of Business Ownership – Rubin Cohen 

15. Statements Included Within Financial Statements –Michael S. Jaczko

16. Financial Ratios: Putting the Numbers to Work –David Cunningham 

17. The Canadian Third-Party Payer Market – Mike Sullivan

18. Hospital Financial Administration – Bill Wilson


V. Risk Management 

Section Editor: Michael S. Jaczko

19. Managing Risk in a Pharmacy Setting – Michael S. Jaczko

20. Insurance Basics – Michael S. Jaczko,Ron Poole, John T. Hunt


VI. Operations

Section Editor: Rita E. Winn 

21. Pharmacy Operations – Jody Shkrobot 

22. Inventory Management – Rick Brown 

23. Loss Prevention in Pharmacy – Leigh Jones 

24. Safety and Security in Pharmacy – David Toner

25. Pharmacy Services – Stacy Johnson 

26. Contingency Planning – J. Reddy Bade, Anita Brown, Bob Brown, Aleksandra Trkulja 

27. Legal Considerations for Pharmacy Operations – Della R. Croteau, Mark N. Wiseman  


VII. Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement 

Section Editor: Kevin W. Hall

28. Medication Incidents and Quality Improvement – Todd A. Boyle, Certina Ho


VIII. Human Resources Management

Section Editor: Rita E. Winn

29. Introduction to Human Resources Management – David Town

30. Creating a Desirable Workplace: The Eternal Circle – Susan E. Beresford

31. Effective Management Styles – Billy B. Cheung 

32. Effective Management of Human Resources – R. Mark Dickson

33. S.H.O.T.: Screening, Hiring, Orientation and Training – Rita E. Winn 

34. Performance Management – Rita E. Winn 

35. Conflict Management and Progressive Discipline – R. Mark Dickson 

36. Managing in a Unionized Environment – Tracey Phillips, Mark Coulter 

37. Legal Considerations in Employment and Labour Law – P.A. Neena Gupta, Roger Tam


IX. Developing, Implementing and Managing Clinical Pharmacy Services

Section Editor: Alan Low

38. Developing Patient Care Services – Alan Low

39. Planning Patient Care Services –John Shaske

40. Implementing Patient Care Services –John Shaske

41. Evaluating Patient Care Services – Carlo A. Marra, Nicole W. Tsao


X. Organizational, Business and Professional Communications 

Section Editor: Jason Perepelkin

42. An Introduction to Pharmacist Communications, Communication Models and Theories – Lisa M. Guirguis

43. Communicating with Pharmacy Employees – Jason Perepelkin

44. Communicating with Your Patients and Across Cultures – Kyle John Wilby, Zubin Austin 

45. Communicating with Other Health Care Professionals – Jason Perepelkin

46. Advocacy and Strategic Communications – Jeff Morrison


XI. Marketing, Promotion and Customer Service 

Section Editor: Jason Perepelkin

47. Introduction to Marketing and Key Concepts – Jason Perepelkin

48. Unique Characteristics of Products as Services  – Jason Perepelkin

49. Loyalty, Consumer Behaviour and Evaluation – Michael Boivin

50. Market Segmentation and Strategy – Grant Alexander Wilson 

51. Marketing Communications – Anne Marie Wright

52. Social Media Marketing – Kelly A. Grindrod


XII. Business Plans 

Section Editor: Roderick A. Slavcev

53. Business Planning to Business Plan – Vezna Nguyen, Bryan Davis 




The editorial board for Pharmacy Management in Canada sincerely thanks the 56 contributing authors and 41 reviewers who volunteered their time and expertise to make this textbook a uniquely Canadian, quality educational tool.

We would also like to recognize the Board of Directors at the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP), who put the capital at risk to make this project a reality. Without their vision, this project would not have taken flight. They saw the need for this textbook in the pharmacy community and provided the much-needed support to set events in motion. The journey toward a finished product was achieved under the expert direction of Dayle Acorn, CFP’s Executive Director.

Since 1945, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy has fulfilled its mandate of advancing the profession of pharmacy. Through the Innovation Fund, CFP has supported a number of research projects that are focussed on demonstrating the value that pharmacists can contribute to the Canadian healthcare system. We hope that this textbook will also contribute to the advancement of the profession by helping to develop the next generation of pharmacists.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Christine LeBlanc, managing editor, for keeping this project moving and grounded in sound editorial context. And we thank Brush Education, which provided the steady guidance of a publishing house to see this project to completion.

Supporting the Foundation were a number of companies and individuals who very generously provided unrestricted educational grants, as detailed below.

Principal Benefactors

  • Green Shield Canada – $25,000
  • McKesson Canada – $25,000
  • Pharmascience – $20,000
  • Desante Canada – $15,000
  • Ontario Pharmacists Association – $10,000


Patrons – $5,000

  • Alberta Pharmacists Association (RxA)
  • Allied Pharmacists Inc.
  • AstraZeneca Canada
  • BC Chain Drug Stores
  • Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd.
  • Safeway Pharmacy
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • TEVA Canada
  • Turner Drug Store Ltd., London ON (in memory of Glen Robb)


Friends of the Foundation – $1,000

AdhereRx in Toronto,ON and Sunshine Coast, BC
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Ottawa, ON
Jones Healthcare, London, ON
LEO Pharma, Toronto, ON
Lovell Drugs, Oshawa, ON
Manitoba Society of Pharmacists, Winnipeg, MB
Shoppers Drug Mart National Associates Alumni
Remedy’sRx, Markham, ON
In addition to the corporations above that generously supported this initiative, a number of individual pharmacists answered the personal call to “leave a legacy.” Their generous support is greatly appreciated.
Elaine Akers, Peterborough, ON
Carolyn & Neil Bornstein, Newmarket, ON
Rick & Sandy Brown, Aurora, ON
Aubrey Browne & Dalia Salib, Toronto, ON
William & Barbara Coon, Muskoka Medical Centre Pharmacy, Muskoka, ON
Roger Daher, Lefko Pharmasave #794, Toronto, ON
Ryan Fullerton, Brown’s Guardian Pharmacy, Walkerton, ON
Ivan Ho, Kennebacasis Drugs, Rothesay, NB
Sheila Kemp, Aikenheads Pharmacy, Renfrew, ON
Claudia McKeen, Ottawa, ON
Carole & Michael McKiee, Toronto, ON
Esmail Merani,Carleton Place Drugmart IDA, Carleton Place, ON
Marshall Moleschi, Toronto, ON
Gerry Morelli, Bird-Mor Drugs Ltd., Hamilton, ON
Brian Mulvihill, Jane Mulvihill & Joan Weise, in memory of Thomas Mulvihill, Pembroke, ON
Frank Murgic, Sunshine Drug Ltd., Windsor, ON
Rob Parsons, Ingersoll Pharmasave, Ingersoll, ON
Balu Patel, Balu’s Guardian Pharmacy, Stirling, ON
Linda Prytula, Burlington, ON
Dom Ricciutto, Ingersoll Pharmasave, Ingersoll, ON
Mark F. Scanlon, Mather & Bell IDA Pharmacy, Peterborough, ON
The Simpson Family, Niagara on the Lake, ON
Mac & Linda Sparrow, Burlington, ON
Roxanne Tang, Markham, ON
Dr. Jake Thiessen, Unionville, ON
Scott Wilton, Collingwood, ON
David & Cathy Windross, Toronto, ON
Rita Winn, Peterborough, ON
Karen Wolfe, Toronto, ON
David Yurek, Health Centre Pharmacy, St. Thomas, ON
Marita Zaffiro, Marchese Health Care Hamilton, ON
Dr. J. Gordon Duff (in memory), Professor Emeritus, College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

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As a registered charity, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is uniquely positioned to fund practical research and innovative practice models at the grassroots level, as well as recognize the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change in the profession of pharmacy by seeking out, nurturing and inspiring innovation. Your donations are a way to give back to a profession that has much to look forward to. Thank you for your support.