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Be part of the million dollar difference

Be part of the million-dollar difference | Picture of the banner for the 1 Million for 25 campaign for donations - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

NOVEMBER 2018 – As you consider charitable donations before the year’s end, think about making a contribution to the future of pharmacy by joining CFP’s 1 million for 25 campaign. If every pharmacist in Canada donated just $25, there would be more than $1 million available for pharmacy research and innovation. Over the past 12 […]

PEI’s Pillar of Pharmacy

PEI's Pillar of Pharmacy | Picture of 2018 Pillar of Pharmacy winner Ray Murphy with his wife - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

NOVEMBER 2018 – Some 120 people gathered in Charlottetown in October to celebrate a pillar in pharmacy—and in their communities. Pharmacist/owner Ray Murphy was lauded for his exemplary service to his profession and his community in a ceremony celebrating his 2018 Pillar of Pharmacy Award from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. Not only was the […]

Deprescribing, within a pharmacist’s domain

Deprescribing, within a pharmacist's domain | Picture of female asian pharmacist cutting down the amount of capsules in a prescription - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

OCTOBER 2018 – Community pharmacists can have a vital role in deprescribing, according to the Catalyst Study, which was funded by Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. When equipped with training and resources, pharmacists at all four pharmacies in the Catalyst Study were able to effectively integrate the use of deprescribing guidelines via various approaches. “There really […]

Pharmacists’ fit in travel medicine

Happy, healthy travels | Picture of drink served in a coconut by the beach - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

OCTOBER 2018 – We now know Canadians are very willing to receive a pre-travel consultation and vaccinations from a pharmacist-managed travel clinic, and 94% were satisfied by the care received, thanks to a study conducted by Sherilyn Houle, Assistant Professor at the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo. And now that message is getting wider […]

Blazing trails with flu shot claims

Blazing trails with flu shot claims | Picture of flu vaccine container with an injection needle on top of it - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

NOVEMBER 2018 – Pharmacists administered just shy of 3 million flu shots during the 2017-2018 season, a 20% gain over the previous season and a continuation of consistently strong gains in uptake since 2012-2013. These numbers from provincial ministries of health confirm that flu shots appear to be the most consistently successful service under an […]

How are pharmacy services measuring up?

Value-based care can be better care for patients | Picture of female pharmacists showing a bottle of prescription to an older female patient - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

OCTOBER 2018 – Alberta’s Pharmacy Services Framework (PSF) is likely the most comprehensive compensation models for pharmacist services in the country. So it was fitting that researchers Christine Hughes, Terri Schindel and Rene Breault set out to determine exactly how Alberta pharmacists are providing care under this framework, and how patients are experiencing care planning […]