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2022 Innovation Fund recipients raising the bar

Profile image of Kelly Grindrod | The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

OCTOBER 2022 – The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is thrilled to announce four Innovation Fund grant recipients for 2022: Kelly Grindrod, Karen Riley, Amy Tran and Ricky Turgeon. Award recipients will receive a total of more than $111,000 from the Foundation to support research initiatives targeting various aspects of pharmacy practice. Evaluating the impact of computer-based […]

Kimberly Schroeder on why CFP is essential to the profession

Profile image of Kimberly Schroeder | The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

OCTOBER 2022 – With more than 25 years in the business of pharmacy, Kimberly Schroeder has a passion for the profession she appreciates being able to share with other Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy board members. Here she provides her insights on why CFP is a vital part of the pharmacy landscape, now especially.   When and […]