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Helen Marin

Profile image of board member Helen Marin - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Helen Marin


PharmD for Pharmacists

University of Toronto

Directors - Pharmacy

Helen Marin earned her BScPhm from the University of Alberta in 2017, completed her MSc from the University of Montreal and is currently working on her PharmD for Pharmacists at the University of Toronto (UofT). Helen has spent most of her pharmacy career in Alberta, where she completed her pharmacy residency with Alberta Health Services and then started her career at the Cross Cancer Institute, where she developed the pharmacist’s role in ambulatory breast cancer clinics.

Helen is currently working at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center, where she provides comprehensive pharmacy services to the various oncology inpatient units. Helen is also a Lead Course Instructor for the International Pharmacy Graduate (IPG) program at the UofT as well as an APPE preceptor for UofT pharmacy students. Helen has been a guest speaker/lecturer (presenting in English, French or Spanish) at numerous events in Canada and the U.S on a range of topics, such as pharmacogenomics in oncology, deprescribing and palliative care.