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Justin Bates

Headshot of Justin Bates - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

Justin Bates



Ontario Pharmacists Association


 Justin Bates is currently CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists Association. Justin began his career in the advertising and marketing before transitioning in to the health insurance industry. Justin worked in a variety of capacities in the health insurance sector, including as a consultant for a pharmacy benefit manager. His involvement in the field of pharmacy advocacy began in 2005 while engaging in cross-industry initiatives with pharmacy associations, which brought together his passion for healthcare with a platform to advocate for sustainable solutions.

In 2006, he joined the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores, which is now the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada. During his 10 years at Neighbourhood Pharmacies, Justin’s leadership has helped navigate an industry association through strategic initiatives and economic sustainability while developing strong pharmacy industry relationships with all stakeholders.