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As a registered charity, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is uniquely positioned to fund practical research and innovative practice models at the grassroots level, as well as recognize the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change in the profession of pharmacy by seeking out, nurturing and inspiring innovation. Your donations are a way to give back to a profession that has much to look forward to. Thank you for your support.


CFP makes it possible for frontline community pharmacists to get funding for projects. Its Innovation Fund grant has allowed my team and I to explore the value of pharmacist-directed home-based medication reviews, and I believe the results can further expand the scope of pharmacist practice. When you support the Foundation, you support innovation at the grassroots.
John Papastergiou, Associate Owner, Shoppers Drug Mart

Support the CFP today! With the generous support they gave us for the PHInDMORE study they helped us demonstrate the value we as pharmacists give to the health care system.
John Shaske, clinical pharmacist, Howe Sound Pharmacy

Please support the CFP! As a past recipient of the Wellspring Award, they have helped our program promote the importance of the clinical pharmacist on a Pulmonary Rehabilitation team!
Kristine Petrasko, Regional Pulmonary Educator and Faculty Member, RESPTREC

CFP is a great organization that provides ongoing support to many innovative practitioners and ongoing support to advance the practice of pharmacy in Canada. Thank you for all the great initiatives that you take on!
Rita Winn, COO and General Manager, Lovell Drugs

CFP really has shown that it supports frontline pharmacy practice research that can further expand our scope of practice, and help us secure funding for services. They are a unique funder in taking that approach. We are very thankful for their support, and happy that our study on travel medicine found positive results.
Sherilyn Houle, Researcher, University of Waterloo