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Supporting Innovation In Pharmacy For A Healthier Canada

Created in 1945, The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is Canada’s National Pharmacy Charity. The organization has helped countless individuals and organizations while achieving its mandate to advance the profession of pharmacy.


Research and Innovation News

2023 November Pharmacy Forum | Image of a asian male pharmacists holding his hands to his head and looking visibly stressed - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Look no further than CFP’s free hour-long webinar, “From Burnout to Balanced,” available to view at your convenience. Get tips that immediately release stress—within seconds!—and strategies to achieve lasting equilibrium both at work and at home. Two expert consultants, both licenced pharmacists, and two pharmacy owners shared their recommendations and personal experiences during the live […]

From Burnout to Balanced | Concept illustration lab coat and summer dress shirt on a coat rack, projecting the shadow of person with their arms in the air celebrating - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy


Valuable Resources For Pharmacists

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is committed to sharing knowledge and advancing the profession of pharmacy through a range of publications. Our publications cover a variety of topics, from the latest research and insights on pharmacy practice to provincial services and COVID-19 trends.

Changing Face of Pharmacy

Since 2011, CFP's annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report has chronicled the evolution of community pharmacy...

Services Chart

As part of its annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy...

Pharmacy Management in Canada

Canada's first textbook dedicated to pharmacy management since 1998 provides timely content...


Why Your Support Matters

Canada’s Charity of Choice to Support Pharmacy

As a registered charity, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is uniquely positioned to fund practical research and innovative practice models at the grassroots level, as well as recognize the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change in the profession of pharmacy by seeking out, nurturing and inspiring innovation. Your donations are a way to give back to a profession that has much to look forward to. Thank you for your support.

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