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Services require simpler language

Picture of a female pharmacist talking to a young men who is checking a prescription on his mobile phone - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

February 2015 – New consumer research confirms that when it comes to expanded services, pharmacists need to keep it simple and do more to raise general awareness. The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada recently released findings from a series of one-on-one interviews with a cross-section of 48 pharmacy patients (conducted by Decision Partners, an independent […]

A ‘pillar’ of the community: Darcy Stann

February 2015 – Growing up in Rosthern, Saskatchewan (population 1,500), Darcy Stann remembers the local pharmacy as one of the most prominent businesses in town. So pursuing a career in pharmacy seemed like an ideal way to marry his penchant for both business and sciences. Fortunately for the profession, this year’s Pillar of Pharmacy Award […]

Pharmacy textbook support keeps on growing

February 2015 – As the launch of the Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook draws closer (June 2015), support continues to pour in from various aspects of the profession, including associations and industry, as well personal donations from more than 30 individual pharmacists. McKesson Canada and the Ontario Pharmacists Association are the latest sponsors to come […]

Verdict still out on usefulness of diabetes apps

February 2015 – With a slew of apps on the market purporting to help people manage their diabetes better, a group of Canadian researchers are determining whether pharmacists and patients think these programs have merit. In the first part of the study, researchers interviewed pharmacists who are certified diabetes educators to get feedback on a […]

Board member spotlight: Derek Desrosiers

Profile image of Derek Desrosiers

February 2015 – One year in and Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) board member Derek Desrosiers says he already feels like he’s had an opportunity to make a real impact in contributing to community-based pharmacy research and innovation in the profession. In addition to valuing CFP’s ongoing commitment toward funding unique pharmacy projects, Desrosiers says […]