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Thank you, Doris!

Headshot of Doris Thompson - Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

MARCH 2022 – Even 32 years after retiring in 1990, Doris Thompson remains connected and dedicated to the profession of pharmacy. Every year before the pandemic, she made her way to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto to personally congratulate the recipient of an award named in her honour, the Doris Thompson […]

PAM 2022 and beyond

PAM 2022 and beyond | Banner celebrating Pharmacy Appreciation Month with the tagline: Not All Heroes Wear Capes - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

MARCH 2022 – The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy partnered with the Ontario Pharmacists Association as part of its efforts to support Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM) in March. The two organizations participated in a consumer campaign promoting the expanding role of pharmacists. The campaign, produced by Mediaplanet, consists of a print supplement in The Toronto Star, […]

The U.S. pharmacy perspective

The U.S. pharmacy perspective | Image of promotional banner for the webinar containing headshots of presenter, moderator and two panelists - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

MARCH 2022 – Pharmacy leaders south of the border shared their vision for the profession in a post-pandemic world at CFP’s February Forum event. The overall message was hopeful that a significant shift forward in pharmacist scope during the pandemic will become permanent in spite of looming barriers along the way. Moderated by Bruce Winston, […]

Who’s on Board

Who’s on Board | Banner image containing headshots of Deb Saltmarche & Dr. Nacy Waite - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

MARCH 2022 -The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy welcomes this year’s new President Deb Saltmarche, Senior Director, Professional Affairs at Shoppers Drug Mart, and Director Academic Nancy Waite, Associate Director, Clinical Education at University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy to the 2022 Board of Directors.  Given pandemic restrictions in place over the last few years, Saltmarche […]