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Rita Winn

Profile image of board member Rita Winn - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Rita Winn



Lovell Drugs Ltd.

Directors - Pharmacy

Rita Winn is a Director of Lovell Drugs Ltd. where she was the previous General Manager and COO for over 22 years prior to her retirement. In her role at Lovell Drugs, Rita is always enthusiastic to pilot new technologies, products and programs to help advance the role of the community pharmacist and to share this information with others. Rita is also the President and owner of WINN-RX LTD, a consulting company focused on strategic planning, professional programming, and training and development.

Rita was an editor of the Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook published by CFP, as well as the author of several chapters. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s pharmacy program in 1981, she has more than 40 years of community pharmacy and retail experience.

Rita has been actively involved in many pharmacy organizations and is the present Chair of the Board of Neighbourhood Pharmacies Association of Canada Board.  Rita was the recipient of the 2018 OPA “Lifetime Achievement Award”. In 2020, Rita was awarded the prestigious “Pillar of Pharmacy Award” by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. Rita has been a tireless advocate for the pharmacy profession for over 40 years.