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Jeff Nagge

Profile image of Jeff Nagge, 2023 Innovation Fund recipient - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Innovation Fund Recipient

University of Waterloo Clinical Associate Professor Jeff Nagge and his team are seeking to prove the value of community pharmacist-managed warfarin therapy. He will build on previous research out of Nova Scotia, where 130 community pharmacies are part of the Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service funded by the provincial government. Nagge’s study will determine whether patients whose warfarin therapy is managed by their community pharmacist have a lower risk of stroke, systemic embolization, venous thromboembolism and hemorrhage, compared to those whose warfarin is managed by their family physician. If that proves to be the case, this research can be used not only to demonstrate that pharmacist-led warfarin may improve health healthcare system efficiencies by freeing up time for family physicians, but also to justify costs associated with this billable service and support efforts for the adoption of point-of-care INR testing by community pharmacies across Canada.

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