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Kelly Grindrod

Headshot of Innovation Fund winner Kelly Grindrod - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Kelly Grindrod, associate professor at the University of Waterloo, and her team will assess the effect of computer-based education (CBE) on the amount of point-of-care testing performed by pharmacists in Ontario. Over the next year, this study will determine if an inexpensive scalable CBE intervention—using the Pharmacy5in5 platform—is an effective strategy to improve pharmacist behaviour in […]

Karen Riley

Headshot of Innovation Fund winner Karen Riley - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Karen Riley, clinical pharmacist at Hogan Pharmacy in Sarnia, Ontario, and her team will compare the average number of potential drug-related problems that are flagged when community pharmacists use electronic screening tools (ESTs) during medication reviews (MRs) versus usual practices. The goal is to determine whether an EST can improve not only the quality of […]

Amy Tran

Headshot of Innovation Fund winner Amy Tran - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Currently, there are no existing tools for frontline providers to help guide patient education and counselling for Parkinson’s Disease. Pharmacist Amy Tran of Parkinson Wellness Projects in Victoria, B.C., and her team aim to identify areas of drug therapy where individuals with Parkinson’s encounter challenges and require guidance, and then create a toolkit for pharmacists […]

Ricky Turgeon

Headshot of Innovation Fund winner Ricky Turgeon - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Despite ample evidence that medications improve outcomes in heart failure (HF) patients, few Canadians are receiving optimal pharmacotherapy. Recent evidence shows that pharmacist-led medication optimization was linked to improved use of recommended medications for HF. University of British Columbia Assistant Professor and Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Ricky Turgeon and his team will lead an 18-month pilot […]

Yazid Al Hamarneh

Headshot of Yazid Al Hamarneh - Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

Researchers will evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on front-line pharmacists’ roles and identity using face-to-face interviews. They will aim to answer the following research questions: How do pharmacists describe their professional roles and identity pre-COVID-19? How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced pharmacists’ roles and their professional identity (what they do and what it means to […]

Christine Leong

Headshot of Christine Leong - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

This study will look at the value and impact of mental health first-aid training for pharmacists. Researchers will train 25 community pharmacists in mental health first aid, then assess changes in their confidence, stigma and attitudes towards providing care for patients experiencing mental health issues. The study will also capture the frequency and description of […]

Mova Leung

Headshot of Mova Leung - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

Oral cancer drugs, while growing in use, are challenging with regards to risk of inappropriate handling, drug interactions and delayed detection and management of side effects. The Chemo Pharmacy Team at North York General Hospital is creating the Community Pharmacy Engagement Initiative to enhance information transfer and knowledge dissemination to community pharmacists caring for the […]

Paula Newman

Headshot of Paula Newman - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

This project will determine the effective of a pharmacist-led medication management program, in colloabrating with patients, prescribers and community pharmacists, in supporting diabetes patients in a remote indigenous community. Researchers will look at patient, prescriber and pharmacist satisfaction around the program, including the use of appropriate medication in improving health outcomes, disease prevention, as well […]

Jamie Yuen

Headshot of James Yuen - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

This project will develop a pharmacist-led virtual hypertension management program centered around the use of a health tracking mobile app for patients. The aim is to help patients achieve blood pressure (BP) targets and improve medication adherence along with their knowledge of BP management. The goal is also to provide pharmacists with a simple, systematic […]

Debbie Kelly

Headshot of Debbie Kelly - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Pharmacist intervention has been shown to improve outcomes for patients with hypertension, dyslipidemia and other conditions. However, comprehensive medication assessments (CMA) that consider patients holistically may identify even more opportunities to improve outcomes in other ways, such as reducing potentially inappropriate medication use and improving quality of life.This study aims to show that CMA provided […]