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CFP announces $25,000 Innovation Fund grant to support Manitoba smoking cessation project

CFP announces $25,000 Innovation Fund grant to support Manitoba smoking cessation project


Toronto, January 7, 2014 – The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy has had the opportunity to support multiple projects this year. The winners of a $50,000 grant are the Manitoba Society of Pharmacists in association with the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores. Pfizer will match the foundation’s grant in support of the Manitoba Pharmacists Smoking Cessation Project.

This initiative will implement a pharmacist initiated smoking cessation program in the province of Manitoba. It will facilitate the role of the pharmacist to begin discussions with patients and customers about smoking cessation and heighten the possibilities for success.

The primary objectives of the project include reducing the number of Manitobans who smoke through a provincial smoking cessation program, enhance utilization of pharmacists in preventative health care delivery and demonstrate the economic impact of the project in terms of outcomes and value.

“One of the ways pharmacies can provide innovative care is to offer accessible services for health concerns like smoking cessation,” said Marnie Mitchell, CFP President. “The CFP Board felt that the proposal from Manitoba offered a unique opportunity to assess the introduction of a pharmacy-based smoking cessation program in that province.”

“Pfizer has supported the role of pharmacists in the provision of clinical services for many years,” said Dr. Bernard Prigent, Vice-President of Medical Affairs, Pfizer Canada Inc. “Clinical services such as smoking cessation counseling are very beneficial to help patients achieve success in their quit attempts. As the most accessible healthcare professional, pharmacists play an important role in smoking cessation counselling.”

“Smoking is a major public health concern in Manitoba. Smoking rates have decreased in the past decade, however 1 in 5 Manitobans are smokers,” said Dr. Brenna Shearer, Executive Director, Manitoba Society of Pharmacists. “Support from CFP gives us an opportunity to fulfill our vision of providing accessible healthcare to all Manitobans, and compliments our new expanded scope of practice legislated on January 1st.”

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is Canada’s national pharmacy charity supporting the advancement of the profession. Through its Innovation Fund, the foundation currently supports projects and research that facilitate the evolving role of the pharmacist, and has invested over $700,000 since 2004 to this cause.

Dayle Acorn, Executive Director, CFPP: 905-997-3238 E: dacorn@cfpnet.ca

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