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CFP celebrates 75 years

CFP celebrates 75 years | Banner with CFP's logo and the tagline celebrating 75 years - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

CFP celebrates 75 years

APRIL 2020 – This year is the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. While it’s not how we expected the year to unfold, this pandemic period has further demonstrated the value of pharmacy services and the need to support pharmacists for the sustainable future of Canada’s healthcare system.

We’ll be marking this milestone anniversary with several initiatives throughout 2020 and beyond. Among those will be profiles of some of our long-term supporters and initial advocates, as well as some fascinating historical facts about the Foundation, available through our website and social media channels. Look for coming announcements on an exciting new awards program too! 

Back when the foundation started in 1945, the profession was in particularly bad shape. In fact, with only seven schools operating in the Dominion of Canada at the time, enrolment in pharmaceutical colleges was in a sharp decline, plus there was little training available to those already in practice.

Creating CFP was a way to unify industry, academic and retail sectors and fill in some of the gaps in the profession by funding pharmacy education and research. Within that first year alone, the Foundation had provided more than $40,000 in donations to be put towards improving pharmacy education in Canada and supporting pharmaceutical research. By our 20th year, CFP had paid out $320,000 in grants, with the bulk of that going to universities for undergraduate scholarships and teaching fellowships.

Over the last 75 years, CFP has evolved substantially, but our commitment to helping advance the profession remains intact. We look foward to taking you along with us as we celebrate this anniversary year.

We also encourage you to share/email your experiences with CFP throughout the years with us—whether you were part of those early decades with the Foundation or have joined forces with us more recently.

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The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy by funding practical, grassroots research and innovative models of practice. To do this, CFP relies on donations from individuals and corporations.

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