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CFP commits $35,000 to UBC Practice Research Project

CFP commits $35,000 to UBC Practice Research Project

The winners of the $35,000 grant are Drs. Carlo Marra and Larry Lynd from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and Pharmacist John Shaske of Howe Sound Pharmacy.

The PhInDMORE study is collaboration between the two groups, which is piloting the new PharmaNet system to review the pharmacist interventions and their impacts on patient outcomes, both clinical and economical. PharmaNet is a central database that allows for capture of real-world, real-time documentation of pharmacist-patient encounters to a level of comprehensiveness that has never before been possible.

The proposed research aims to demonstrate that there is potential for cost-savings to the healthcare system when investing in pharmacists to practice to their full potential.

“With the shift of the pharmacy profession towards providing clinical services, such as medication management, comes the importance of demonstrating the value of these services to our stakeholders. These include patients, payers, decision-makers and other health professionals,” said Dr. Carlo Marra, principal investigator. “We want to find out what kind of impact medication management has had on patients’ health and the health care system.”

“Every year CFP receives impressive research proposals that will advance our collective understanding of innovative potential and outcomes in pharmacy practice,” said CFP President, Marnie Mitchell. “The Board felt the UBC proposal offered the opportunity to explore the interplay between technology and pharmacy workflow. Measuring value is a logical next step in a program’s evolution.”

Through its Innovation Fund, the foundation currently supports projects and research that facilitate the evolving role of the pharmacist, and has invested over $700,000 since 2004 to this cause.

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