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CFP members join 2019 Leaders in Pharmacy

CFP members join 2019 Leaders in Pharmacy | Picture of CFP's board awaarded the Leaders in Pharmacy award for 2019 - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

CFP members join 2019 Leaders in Pharmacy

JANUARY 2019 – Several CFP board members were recognized as this year’s Leaders in Pharmacy. Executive Director Dayle Acorn, current board members Justin Bates and Sherif Guorgui, along with former board member Allison Bodnar, were among the 11 people acknowledged as playing a key part in helping propel the profession forward.

The Leaders in Pharmacy program, developed in 2014 and sponsored by Pfizer Canada, highlights leaders from community pharmacy, academia, professional organizations and the corporate sector who are making a positive impact in patient care and Canada’s healthcare system. They are profiled every January in Pharmacy Practice + Business magazine.

This year’s leaders were lauded for working harder than ever to build and sustain partnerships with government, private payors, drug companies and other healthcare providers. Their common message is that despite challenges to the profession, the future is bright with opportunity. By working with partners from all sectors of health care, these leaders believe pharmacy organizations can more fully demonstrate the value pharmacists can bring to patient care

In the case of CFP, Acorn was chosen for respresenting a national organization that supports pharmacy, especially the Canadian research needed to propell the profession forward though its Innovation Fund. 

In advancing the healthcare system, Bates also pointed to the importance of connecting ideas and people—including working with government and private payers to address their challenges. “We must also unite behind the principle of better care for everyone,” he noted in his profile interview. “My job – and I am not alone in this – is to help develop the relationships that will foster greater collaboration. As pharmacists, being on the solutions side will position the profession more effectively.”

Read more about this year’s Leaders in Pharmacy.

*Photo credit: Adam Blasberg

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