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CFP welcomes new board members

CFP welcomes new board members

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is pleased to announce the 2016 Board of Directors. University of Waterloo’s Dr. David Edwards takes over the reins from Anne Maheu as this year’s president. Newcomers and pharmacists Margaret Wing of the Alberta Pharmacists Association (RxA) and Karen Wolfe, from Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association, join the Board of Directors.

Karen Wolfe
Karen Wolfe
Margaret Wing

“I see my association with the Foundation as a good fit as its mission to advance the profession aligns with my own goals for pharmacy. I believe my passion for the profession and my position as CEO of RxA will allow me to make a positive contribution,” says Wing. “This is a one-of-a- kind organization that is supporting pharmacy in this way—I don’t see anyone else filling that space.”

As the profession moves towards greater roles in patient-centred care, funding research initiatives that help to prove the value of pharmacists is more important than ever, says Wing. “To move and advance we’re going to need this evidence.”

In the meantime, all the progress CFP has already enabled through its various research awards and grants is “really uplifting,” says Wolfe. “These [grants] encourage innovation in pharmacy practice.”

Wing says she also appreciates the diversity of experience among board members who work in academia, pharmacy associations, community practice and industry. “We have representatives from multiple stakeholders engaged in the profession and that’s pretty special,” she says.

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