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Innovation for the Future

Innovation for the Future

November 14, 2012

Dear Friend of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy,

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin

In today’s difficult economic times, it is not just pharmacy that has to think about adaptation, but we certainly need to give it more thought before deciding that the status quo or a slow uptake in the new opportunities for pharmacy services is the best approach. This is the kind of thinking that inspired us with this year’s Foundation supplement “The Changing Face of Pharmacy” that will appear as an insert in the November issues of Quebec Pharmacie and Pharmacy Practice. Pharmacy chains, pharmacy associations and pharmaceutical industry partners all told us what they are doing to help pharmacist adapt to change. And again, we spoke to a few pharmacists who are excitedly offering their patients a whole new level of care.

At the Foundation, we too need to adapt to change if we want to survive. This is a key driver of our Board of Directors as they oversee the activities of the Foundation. In part, this motivated their decision to assist the Blueprint for Pharmacy, with their fundraising efforts.We are pleased to announce that a cheque for $3,000 will be sent in support of their projects. The Blueprint for Pharmacy is a collaborative initiative for managing the changes required to align pharmacy practice with the health care needs of Canadians

Webster’s defines innovation as the introduction of something new – a new idea, method, or device. Innovation is at the heart of the Foundation as we continue to look for innovative practice research to support through our Innovation Fund. Thanks to the continued support of our many supporters, the Foundation recently approved two new projects for $50,000 each.

  • Safety Alerts as Drivers for Pharmaceutical Opinion Program: A Pilot Study to Reduce Potential Hospitalizations due to Preventable Drug-Drug Interactions.

This project will look to capitalize on the role of pharmacist to prevent medication errors, while generating new revenue streams via newly funded pharmacy services.

  • Pharmacists: Personalized Medicine Experts in Primary Care

This multi-phase project will equip primary care pharmacists with the knowledge and skills required to take a lead role as personalized medicine experts in our health system and evaluate the impact on patients’ health outcomes.

Both projects will begin early in the New Year.

The Foundation’s emphasis on leadership was also evident this year, with the announcement of four recipients of the inaugural Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Award – inspired by friends and colleagues of Barb Wells.

Mr. Jeff Whissell – Director Pharmacy Practice, Alberta Pharmaceutical Association

Ms. Christina Adams – Drug Info Pharmacist, Shoppers Drug Mart SHNetwork

Ms. Janet MacDonnell – Pharmacist Consultant, J. MacDonnell Pharmacy Ltd.

Ms. Theresa Schindel – Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs)
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta

All received grants totaling $10,000 for their pursuits of leadership in the profession of pharmacy.

In 2012, we recognized a number of leaders who have made significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy in Canada.

Dr. Murray Brown, former Vice President, Scientific Affairs – Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, was awarded the 2012 Pillar of Pharmacy Award on October 30th in Toronto.
Mr. Don Rowe, former secretary-registrar – Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board, was also acknowledged with the Pillar Award at his retirement dinner in St. John’s earlier this month.

Again this year, the Foundation also supported the CFP/AFPC Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research. The winner this year was, Mary Elias from the University of Toronto.

Congratulations to all our recipients, the Foundation is proud to acknowledge and support you.

The Foundation also held two fundraisers this year. The Innovation Gala Dinner on May 1st, and the Pharmacy Forum on the Oct. 31st, provided the audiences with insights from pharmacy stakeholders and leaders in pharmacy. While providing ongoing dialogue on “The Perfect Storm?” and “The Changing Face of Pharmacy”, these programs raised important funds to run the Foundation and support our efforts.

This brings us to the last important piece of the Foundations current strategy for revenue – donation of individual pharmacists from across this Country. Your donation is important. While it raises much needed revenues, it also sends an important message to our industry stakeholders that the profession supports these valuable initiatives.

What will your donation help us achieve?
In the past five years alone we have invested over $550,000 supporting innovation in pharmacy practice, through our research grants.

We would like to do more, but funding is needed. It is critical that we have the support of grassroots pharmacists. The Foundation exists solely for the support of your profession.

  • We ask you, as a professional pharmacist, to become involved and help strengthen the foundation that supports your profession – the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy. Let’s continue the good work of the past 65 years and build a Foundation we can all be proud of – a foundation that excels at advancing and recognizing the profession.

Help support the future of pharmacy. Make your donation today!

  • Please complete and return the enclosed donation card!
  • Donations can also be made online at www.cfpnet.ca. Directed giving online can be targeted to the Blueprint, the Wellspring Awards or the Innovation Fund. Those received on or before December 31, 2012 will receive a 2012 charitable tax receipt.
  • To learn more please visit our website at www.cfpnet.ca or contact us at dacorn@cfpnet.ca.

Share your email address with us and we will send you our new e-newsletter in the New Year.


Dayle Acorn
Executive Director

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