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Pharmacy textbook a welcome resource

Pharmacy textbook a welcome resource

August 2015—After countless hours of collaborated effort and financial support from organizations and individuals across the country, the new Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook is expected to become a much-needed resource for the profession.

“I first realized the need for this when I was attempting to build lecture material for a University of Toronto undergrad class and noted that the only Canadian reference was the book I used when I was in pharmacy school in 1980,” says Mike Jaczko, one of six section editors on the textbook, which was headed by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP).

With the rapidly changing pharmacy practice environment in Canada, Jaczko believes practitioners and pharmacy owners really need to know how to run a more efficient pharmacy. “The academic coupled with the practitioner need made for a compelling argument [to go forward with this project],” he says.

One of the textbook’s authors, pharmacist Billy Cheung, also believes it will be a useful tool for pharmacy students, pharmacists and anyone else involved in pharmacy management for many years to come. “It really is a brilliant compilation of the experience, knowledge and expertise from pharmacists across Canada,” he says.”

Dennis Darby, chief executive officer of the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA)—which contributed $10,000 to the initiative—says partnering with CFP on the textbook was a natural fit. “As the largest pharmacist association in Canada, part of our mandate is to help enable pharmacists to be able to practise via a number of routes (tools, education, advice),” he says. “Particularly in Ontario, where new practitioners are graduating into a healthcare system under extreme fiscal pressure, helping them to be prepared to deal with the business, as well as the clinical practice of pharmacy, is so important.”

Darby says the OPA hopes pharmacists will continue to be able to provide critical care to patients across the country as a result of the insights gleaned from the textbook.

For more information on purchasing Pharmacy Management in Canada, which is available in e-book as well as hardcover, click here

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