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Thank you, Alberta

Thank you, Alberta | conceptual image of charity and donation - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

Thank you, Alberta

FEBRUARY 2021 – The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is very pleased to recognize the generous support of the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA), which recently donated $10,000 to the Foundation.

CFP is a registered charity dedicated to help advance the profession of pharmacy by raising funds for research and innovative practice models. CFP also awards grants to individual pharmacists for personal development and leadership.

For the past several years—including last year, despite the impact of COVID-19—CFP has been able to contribute more than $100,000 annually from its Innovation Fund for research projects. Last year’s recipients are doing research in the areas of virtual pharmacy services and comprehensive medication assessments.

Margaret Wing, CEO of RxA and incoming President of CFP

“RxA’s donation will really help us maintain that level of funding in 2021, as we continue to work hard to make up the funds we normally would have raised from our live events,” says Dayle Acorn, CFP’s Executive Director.

Since 2007, CFP has transformed more than $2 million in individual and corporate donations into grants, awards and bursaries for pharmacy researchers, innovators and leaders. CFP-funded projects in Alberta include:

  • Mental health assessment and prescribing by Alberta pharmacists (awarded in 2019; lead researcher Dan Burton)
  • Real-world experiences with comprehensive annual care plans in Alberta (2015; Theresa Schindel, Christine Hughes, Rene Breault)
  • Clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction with a pharmacist-managed travel clinic in Alberta (2015; Sherilyn Houle)
  • Pharmacist prescribing behaviours in Alberta (2009; Dr. Lisa Guirguis)
  • The implementation of chronic disease management services in community pharmacies in Alberta (2007; Dr. Ross Tsuyuki)

“CFP has been instrumental in advancing pharmacy practice in Canada by supporting leadership and research initiatives. The end result: healthier Canadians!” says Margaret Wing, CEO of RxA and incoming President of CFP.

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The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy by funding practical, grassroots research and innovative models of practice. To do this, CFP relies on donations from individuals and corporations.

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