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Use CFP to transform your ideas into reality

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Use CFP to transform your ideas into reality

FEBRUARY 2023 – It was during her time as a teaching assistant for pharmacy students at the University of Montreal that Helen Marin became aware of the vast possibilities available to pharmacists. Motivated by this realization, she went on to earn her pharmacy degree from the University of Alberta in 2017, completing an oncology residency.

Since then, Marin has had the opportunity to work at the Cross Cancer Institute, Toronto Rehab, University of Toronto, and the Princess Margaret Cancer Center—and recently completed her PharmD at the University of Toronto. As a board member of CFP, she shares her thoughts on the Foundation and why it was important to her to be a part of it.

When and why did you join CFP?

I joined in 2020, but my first encounter with CFP was back in 2013 when I met (now retired executive director) Dale Acorn. As a student, I was greatly inspired by Dayle’s dedication to the profession, and his passion for CFP. The Foundation went above and beyond to support students by organizing events, providing awards, and essential resources like the Pharmacy Management Textbook. I joined CFP to be part of a team that propels pharmacy practice forward through research, innovation and recognition.

What do you contribute to the board based on your work experience?

Being a member of the Board has been such a rewarding experience so far. Interacting with and learning from everyone on the Board has been truly inspiring. Working in a hospital, and having only graduated in 2017, I bring a unique perspective to the group. The diversity of the board has provided a platform for different views and opinions to be heard. Most recently, I believe I was able to contribute valuable insight on the challenges and struggles that frontline healthcare workers have faced during the pandemic.

What are your goals for the Foundation going forward?

To ensure that every pharmacist in Canada understands that CFP is there to help them grow and evolve in their practice. CFP is devoted to advancing the pharmacy profession and improving the health of all Canadians. Enhancing pharmacy practice directly translates to the betterment of patient care and the improvement of our healthcare.

If you are a pharmacist with an innovative research idea, I want you to be aware that CFP can transform that idea into reality. Additionally, I wish to encourage all pharmacists, irrespective of their background or experience, to engage with CFP and consider becoming future board members. Diversity is the catalyst for creativity and innovation, which is why it is crucial to embrace varied perspectives.

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