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Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Award

Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Award

Don’t miss your chance to receive a Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Award, valued at up to $10,000! Granted by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP), this award supports pharmacists seeking to develop their leadership skills through additional study, experiential learning or mentorship. Four pharmacists received the award in 2015.

“This award is becoming more and more valuable to me every year,” says Bryan Gray, owner of River Terrace Medical Pharmacy in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a 2013 recipient who is completing a Master’s degree in business administration. “This award has made this MBA possible for me.”

Applicants are asked to complete a two-page form with details on how they will use the award money and expected results, plus provide a letter of recommendation from a supervisor or colleague. “The application is pretty straightforward,” says Gray, who also advises those interested “not to worry if you don’t have a lot of past recognitions. It’s not so much about what you’ve done but what you’re planning to do.”

CFP established the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards in 2012 in honour of Barbara Wells, a highly regarded, passionate leader in pharmacy who passed away in 2010.

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