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Kim Abbass

Profile image of Kim Abbass, 2023 Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership recipient - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Even with many years of private and public health experience under her belt, Kim Abbass says a constantly shifting healthcare paradigm requires a lifetime of learning—and she’s all in. A certified infectious disease pharmacist, Abbass is Clinical Coordinator for Antimicrobial Stewardship (AS) and Pharmacy Practice for NSH, a large, multisite organization with more than 80 […]

Heba Bani Hani

Profile image of Heba Bani Hani, 2023 Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership recipient - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Since starting a virtual practice focused on migraine management just over two years ago, pharmacist Heba Bani has helped more than 300 people living with migraine in Ontario and trained numerous pharmacists to manage the condition in their own practices in Canada and abroad. But she says there is much more to do to empower […]

Steven Kary

Profile image of Steven Kary, 2023 Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership recipient - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Described by colleagues as a “natural-born leader,” Steven Kary is determined to pay it forward by helping cultivate future pharmacy leaders in his home province of Saskatchewan. A clinical instructor at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Pharmacy and Nutrition and president of CSHP’s Saskatchewan Branch, Kary is currently working towards his Master of Health […]

Nicola Gale

Headshot of Nicola Gale - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

As an outreach pharmacist at the Calgary Drop-In Centre—one of North America’s largest shelters—Nicola Gale knows first-hand that clients living with homelessness can face a myriad of complex health issues, including concurrent addiction, mental health and increased risk of acquiring Chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infections. Working with the CUPS Liver clinic in Calgary, she […]

Denise Kreutzwiser

Headshot of Denise Kreutzwiser - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Pharmacist Denise Kreutzwiser credits her own pharmacy residency training for giving her the opportunity to practise at a higher critical thinking and problem-solving level. It’s not surprising then that she is eager to help other pharmacists do the saem by creating a one-year ambulatory pharmacy residency program that focuses on chronic pain management and highlights […]

Janice Yeung

Headshot of Janice Yeung - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

In the Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy (E2P) program at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, students complete 44 weeks of practicum across the province. But with each course ranging from two to four weeks, students are frequently relocating to rural and remote practice areas where they have little time to make meaningful […]

Alyssa Aco

Headshot of Alyssa Aco - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Alyssa Aco is a community pharmacist at Costco in Edmonton, AB, as well as a lab facilitator at the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She will use funds from the Wellspring Award in the Quality Improvement Project, identifying gaps in communication and practice inconsistencies related to hypo/hyperglycemic management in home care. […]

Feng Chang

Headshot of Feng Chang - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Feng Chang is an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. The Wellspring award will enable her to attend the “Media and Medicine Program: How to tell stories that make a difference” offered by Harvard Medical School. Her goal is to use knowledge gleaned through the program to reach different audiences to […]

Jane Ling

Headshot of Jane Ling - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Jane is President of Pharmacists for a Smoke Free Canada (PSFC) and the North Durham Family Health team Pharmacist. Funding from the Wellspring Award will be used to develop a no-cost virtual Lower Risk Nicotine Use (LRNU) Education Symposium for pharmacists. This will include providing algorithms for harm reduction and vaping cessation algorithm to be […]

James Morrison

Headshot of James Morrison - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

James is an Ontario pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy Excellence at Whole Health Pharmacy Partners. The Wellspring Award will support him in completing his Master of Science in Pharmacy program from the University of Saskatchewan, where his thesis will focus on evaluating whether educational institutions are evolving their curricula adequately to train students to provide […]

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