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Rui Su

Headshot of Rui Su - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Rui is a Toronto-based pharmacist and co-founder of MedMe Health, a digital pharmacy care platform that leverages the clinical expertise of pharmacists to provide timely patient care. The Wellspring Award grant will support her in developing a CCCEP-accredited course that introduces terminology, trends, guidelines and practical considerations for digital health and virtual care applications in pharmacy. […]

Kerry Wilbur

Headshot of Kerry Wilbur - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Kerry Wilbur is Executive Director, Entry-To-Practice Education and an associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Funding from the Wellspring Award will help support a pilot project to explore what patients think of patient care received from pharmacy students at an ambulatory clinic. The ultimate goal is […]

Jaris Swidrovich

Headshot of Jaris Swidrovich - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Jaris Swidrovich is an Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan. Funding from the Wellspring Award has enabled Jaris to host a recruitment and mentorship event for Indigenous youth in Saskatchewan, who are interested in becoming, or already are, pharmacy students/pharmacists. Jaris is using this opportunity to develop leadership skills through […]

Alexandre Chagnon

Headshot of Alexandre Chagnon - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Alexandre Chagnon, clinical pharmacist at CIUSSS de l-Estrie in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is using funds received from CFP Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards to develop a bilingual, online course to help pharmacists incorporate social media and digital health tools into their practice. Alexandre is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Health Informatics, and already speaks at conferences and […]

Dan Burton

Headshot of Dan Burton - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Dan Burton is a Clinical Pharmacist at Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network in Calgary, Alberta, and founder of Healthcare Evolution for Weight Management. He is also co-founder of Pharmacy Innovators and Leaders of Alberta (PILA), a grassroots initiative to unite pharmacists in the provision of the best possible patient care by sharing knowledge and tools, […]

Amy Lamb

Headshot of Amy Lamb - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Amy Lamb is a compounding pharmacist and hormone and wellness consultant at Medi-Center Pharmacy in Saskatoon. She is using her Wellspring grant to help attain certification as a practitioner of functional medicine, offered by the Institute for Functional Medicine based in Washington. Functional medicine seeks to address the underlying causes of disease, rather than just […]

Michael Kani

Headshot of Michael Kani - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Michael Kani, owner of Michael’s Pharmacy in Saskatoon and outspoken advocate for pharmacy, will use his Wellspring award money to become a podcaster. The podcasts, which will be free, will seek to engage and challenge pharmacists about practice change, as well as share ideas and examples of innovation.

Certina Ho

Headshot of Certina Ho - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

As Project Manager at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Canada for more than 10 years, Certina Ho has done much to establish medication safety initiatives in community pharmacy practice. Yet there are still barriers in the reporting of errors, including, to some extent, a “blame and shame” culture. With help from the Wellspring […]

Patricia Gerber

Headshot of Patricia Gerber - Canadian Foundation of Pharmacy

Patricia is launching a new leadership course series called LEAP (Leadership Experience Applied to Pharmacy), which will equip PharmD students with the leadership knowledge and skills to embrace opportunities and challenges in pharmacy practice. Gerber will put her award grant towards a student-led leadership innovations symposium. 

Craig Plain

Headshot of Craig Plain - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

As a pharmacist working at Pier Health in one of Canada’s most disenfranchised neighbourhoods in Vancouver, Plain says he is constantly seeking innovative solutions to treat the concurrent conditions of addiction, infection and psychosis that challenge so many of his patients. Plain will use his award funds to travel to two of the leading North […]