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Dr. Carlo Marra

Headshot of Carlo Marra - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Innovation Fund Recipient

Pharmacists’ Innovative Drug Therapy Management Outcomes, Resource use and Economics (PHInDMORE)

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy awarded a grant of $35,000 in support of PhInDMORE, a collaboration between Drs. Carlo Marra and Larry Lynd from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and pharmacist John Shaske of Howe Sound Pharmacy. Howe Sound is piloting the province’s new PharmaNet system, and PHInDMORE is reviewing pharmacists’ interventions and their impacts on patient outcomes, both clinical and economic. PharmaNet is a central database that allows for capture of real-world, real-time documentation of pharmacist-patient encounters to a level of comprehensiveness that has never before been possible. The research aims to demonstrate that there is potential for cost savings to the healthcare system when investing in pharmacists to practice to their full potential.

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