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Dr. Lisa Guirguis

Headshot of Dr. Lisa Guirguis - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Innovation Fund Recipient

How have Pharmacists in Different Practice Settings integrated Prescribing into Practice in Alberta?

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy and Alberta College of Pharmacists are funding a three-stage research project on pharmacists’ prescribing behaviours. Stage one, conducted in 2013, was a qualitative exploration based on interviews with small cohorts of pharmacists in Alberta and Ontario who prescribe at least weekly. It found that pharmacists in all practice settings were prescribing in product-, disease- and patient-focused ways. Many also focused their prescribing in a clinical area, such as anticoagulation, hypertension and diabetes. Stage two, currently under development, will draw from the findings of stage one to survey a great number of pharmacists. Stage three, a mixed-methods survey, will continue to build upon the findings from the previous stages, focusing on pharmacists in Alberta.

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