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Ingrid Sketris

Headshot of Ingrid Sketris - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

As Professor and Associate Director of Research at Dalhousie University’s College of Pharmacy, Ingrid Sketris founded the Initiative for Medication Management, Policy Analysis, Research and Training. While her research team explores the professional, regulatory, financial and organizational factors that affect medication management, she is increasingly called upon to mentor colleagues in pharmacy and other health professions across Canada.

With that growing personal role in mind, Sketris sought leadership training within the context of clinical pharmacy. She found it in the Leadership and Management Certificate program at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy–and thanks to the Wellspring Award, has registered to complete the program in April 2015.

“The leadership training will help me develop skills to mentor junior academic researchers to conduct research that will strengthen the evidence base to assist pharmacists to practice to their full scope of practice, to gain recognition for their expanded roles and to determine approaches to facilitate pharmacists’ involvement in chronic disease management,” wrote Sketris in her Wellspring application.

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