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Kristine Petrasko

Headshot of Kristine Petrasko - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Since she graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2000, Kristine Petrasko has brought her leadership skills to all spectrums of the pharmacy profession, working in community pharmacy, hospital, academia and industry. She is also Vice President of the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association and chair of the Professional Development Committee. In her current role as a Regional Pulmonary Educator at the Deer Lodge Centre in Winnipeg, Petrasko is working to help standardize three pulmonary rehab programs in the city and assist in providing education programs for clinicians and patients in the program.

As part of that, funds from the Wellspring Leadership Award will be put towards a pharmacy student scholarship for the pulmonary rehab program. The scholarship recipient will assist with overall program development and focus on medication reconciliation specifically to ensure all three program sites are meeting objectives and improving patient outcomes. By demonstrating the value of pharmacists on the pulmonary rehab interdisciplinary team, the ultimate goal is to secure further pharmacy funding for the program from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

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