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Navdeep Singh

Navdeep Singh CoFounder of QRx Digital - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Innovation Fund Recipient

“QRx Digital was founded with the goal to help patients have timely access to information about their medications, to improve patient health literacy and compliance, and to ensure a more engaged patient experience,” says Navdeep Singh, one of the founders and a staff pharmacist at Sandalwood Care Pharmacy in Brampton, Ont.

In 2022, the QRx Digital team self-funded and created 10 videos to start, each on a top generic medication dispensed in Canada and all of them in English. Singh gathered feedback from her patients to improve upon the videos’ content. While doing this, she and her QRx Digital colleagues also realized how valuable the videos would be in other languages.

“We felt from our practice needs we wanted a product that resonated with patients who don’t speak English as a first language,” says Singh.

However, they needed additional funding to create more videos in multiple languages. They also needed additional funds to seamlessly incorporate the QR codes, which at this point need to be affixed as stickers to prescription vials. “Eventually the QR code will be embedded in the drug file and printed as part of the prescription label,” says Singh.

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