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Rene Breault

Headshot of Rene Breault - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Innovation Fund Recipient

Researchers Christine Hughes, Terri Schindel and Rene Breault set out to determine how Alberta pharmacists are providing remunerated comprehensive annual care plans, and how patients are experiencing care planning services in the “real world.”

With funding from the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy and the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA), the investigators recruited four different cases, or community pharmacies, in the province and collected data over 12 months per site. Over the course of 83 interviews and 94 hours of observation, they explored the value of pharmacy services to patients, pharmacists, other healthcare providers and policy makers.

In July 2019, pharmacy (an MDPI open-access journal) published the following article, focussed on participants’ perceived value of the service: ” ‘It Made a Difference to Me’: A Comparative Case Study of Community Pharmacists’ Care Planning Services in Primary Health Care.” Click here to access the article.

In December 2019, the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association posted the following article, which focuses on the implementation of care planning services: “A qualitative case study exploring the implementation of pharmacist care planning services in community pharmacies.” Click here to access the article.

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