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Be part of the million-dollar difference

Be part of the million-dollar difference | Picture of the banner for the 1 Million for 25 campaign for donations - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

Be part of the million-dollar difference

MAY 2018 – The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy has launched the 1 Million for 25 fundraising campaign to take funding for pharmacy research and innovation to the next level. “If each pharmacist in Canada donated just $25, the Foundation would have more than $1 million to fund exciting projects dedicated to advancing the profession of community pharmacy. This is the biggest campaign in CFP’s 70-year history, and we’re asking all pharmacists to become part of the million-dollar difference,” says Dayle Acorn, Executive Director of CFP, which is a registered charity.

Two main factors spurred the need for the campaign: first, the quantity and caliber of applications for grants from CFP’s Innovation Fund steadily rise, yet the Fund’s current budget of $100,000 a year means only two or three projects can be picked. “Many of the proposals revolve around demonstrating the value of pharmacists’ services in terms of health outcomes or efficiencies to the healthcare system, and we need that type of research more than ever today. Governments and private payers are asking for it,” says David Windross, President of CFP.

Second, CFP’s main sources of revenue for the past several years, corporate sponsorships and attendance at events, are less secure. “Governments’ ongoing cuts to drug budgets have meant that some of our biggest supporters have had to cut their expenses accordingly, which translates into less discretionary money to attend and sponsor our traditional fundraising events,” says Acorn.

In fact, this year’s Innovation Fund budget would have fallen short had it not been for a generous bequest from pharmacist Fred Blayney, who passed away in August 2017. His generosity also helped spark the idea for the 1 Million for 25 campaign.

“CFP exists for pharmacists. Everything we fund is aimed to help pharmacists achieve their full potential as important members of the healthcare team,” stresses Acorn. “We now need pharmacists’ direct support, and we’re asking for just $25 because we want to keep it simple and we really believe that enough pharmacists will come on board. Of course, larger amounts are always welcome!”

CFP is also calling on donors to spread the word through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (#CFP1millionfor25). “After you make your donation, please share with your pharmacy friends and challenge them to be part of the million-dollar difference for the future of pharmacy. This is a critical part of the campaign,” says Windross.

Donations can be made on CFP’s website, and donors will receive tax receipts. In addition to the Innovation Fund, monies raised will go toward the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards, which gives grants for personal leadership development.

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Make a Million-Dollar Difference

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is dedicated to advancing the profession of pharmacy by funding practical, grassroots research and innovative models of practice. To do this, CFP relies on donations from individuals and corporations.

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