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The CPCAC pays it forward

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The CPCAC pays it forward

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) is excited to announce a $23,000 donation from the Coalition of Pharmacists Caring for Aging Canadians (CPCAC). The donation comes after a decision to dissolve the Coalition and allocate its remaining funds to support the Foundation.

“The decision to dissolve the organization was made after careful consideration and evaluation of financial sustainability, operational effectiveness, and the ability to achieve long-term goals,” says Dr. Parnian Ghafari, a board member since 2020 and Senior Manager Clinical Excellence and Professional Affairs at CareRx. “The specific timeline allowed us to responsibly manage our resources, fulfill remaining commitments and ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders involved.”

As a CPCAC board member, Ghafari had applied to the CFP Innovation Fund on multiple occasions and found it to be a great enabler for innovation. “I believe that this strategic allocation of funds will not only benefit CFP but will also leave a lasting legacy for CPCAC,” he says.

Another former board member agrees. “I am very happy knowing our efforts for senior care will be continued through CFP,” says Seh-Hwan Ahn, Regional Manager Clinical Services, MediSystem Pharmacy.

CPCAC | Seh-Hwan Ahn, Regional Manager Clinical Services, MediSystem Pharmacy - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Seh-Hwan Ahn, Regional Manager Clinical Services, MediSystem Pharmacy

Founded in 2017, the CPCAC was a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of older adults through pharmacotherapy. “CPCAC provided a platform for pharmacists to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise in geriatrics,” says Ghafari.

Sue Czaja, a clinical consultant pharmacist, was a CPCAC Director and more recently Secretary. “The position has given me the opportunity to give back in a small way to the profession of pharmacy by helping to guide the CPCAC toward providing tools and a venue for continuing education so that pharmacists can continue to enhance the well-being of older adults via pharmacotherapy,” she says.

CPCAC | Sue Czaja, Clinical Consultant Pharmacist - Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
Sue Czaja, Clinical Consultant Pharmacist

This donation will now enable others in the profession to keep innovating with support from CFP, say the board members.

“The Foundation is so appreciative of this generous donation from CPCAC,” says Linda Prytula, CFP Executive Director. “It will provide us with invaluable resources to support innovation in pharmacy and ultimately the better care of patients.”

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