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Updates to the COVID-19 chart!

Updates to the COVID-19 Chart | Picture of two people reviewing a bar chart on a piece of paper - The Canadian Foundation For Pharmacy

Updates to the COVID-19 chart!

JULY 2022 – Get details on the dispensing or prescribing of Paxlovid and pharmacy’s role in the distribution of rapid antigen tests in the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s latest installment of its chart, “Provincial changes in pharmacy practice related to COVID-19.”

You’ll also find updated information on COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, including the number of pharmacies registered and doses administered by province.

CFP thanks the provincial pharmacy associations for providing the data for the chart, which provides a quick summary of the impacts of COVID-19 on pharmacy practice, province by province. Highlights include:

  • Pharmacists in Saskatchewan, Quebec and Newfoundland have received special authorization to prescribe Paxlovid, the anti-viral to treat COVID-19, with wide variations in fees for assessing and dispensing. Pharmacists in Alberta with additional prescribing authorization can also prescribe the drug as part under its existing fee structure for prescribing services.
  • Pharmacies in all provinces can dispense Paxlovid, again with wide variations in fees. For example, pharmacies in New Brunswick can claim their usual dispensing fee only, while those in B.C. can bill $30 for a clinical assessment, their usual dispensing fee and $25 for a follow-up.
  • Fees to administer COVID-19 vaccines range from $25 in Alberta to $11.60 in Quebec (note: a temporary top-up fee of $5.50 to help Quebec pharmacies offset costs ended in May of this year).
  • Pharmacies in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario are involved in the distribution of rapid antigen tests to the public; those in B.C., Alberta and Quebec are compensated.
  • Pharmacists in New Brunswick can certify the results of a rapid test after witnessing its self-administration; pharmacists in Nova Scotia can do the same, after administering the test.

The chart also provides an overview of changes or provisions in the areas of prescribing, therapeutic substitution, virtual care and personal protective equipment.

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